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‘The Clash’ finalist Jong Madaliday sympathized with Luke Baylon’s rejection on ‘Idol Philippines’

  • Jong Madaliday shared his sentiment on Luke Baylon’s unsuccessful entry into ‘Idol Philippines’
  • The Kapuso singer was a contestant before in ABS-CBN’s ‘It’s Showtime’ segment

The trending issue of Idol aspirant Luke Baylon’s rejection in ‘Idol Philippines’ had gathered a lot of comments, both negative and positive; including sympathies to the singer and of ‘The Clash’ finalist, Jong Madaliday.

On the twitter account of the ‘Studio 7’ artist, he tweeted a screenshot of Luke Baylon’s performance in YouTube, and said that he was for Luke Baylon.

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“I’m a fan of you brader, keep it up. Kong isa lang ako sa judges its yesss for meee! 😭 @lukebaylon”

Jong Madaliday even said that if he was one of the judges he would have said yes. Jong Madaliday was also an ABS-CBN’s ‘Its Showtime’ PINASikat contestant way back in 2014.

But unfortunately, the singer hasn’t found his luck on the show. Instead, he found his singing career on GMA Network’s ‘The Clash’ and became one of the finalists.

Because of ‘The Clash’ finalist’s sentiment on Twitter, a lot has agreed with his notion.

Because of his success in ‘The Clash,’ the singer has his own music such as Ano Ba, Pag Ibig, and Walang Iba.


Written by Cathy Solivar

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