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Eddie Garcia on life-support, continues to be in critical condition hospital says

  • Eddie Garcia has remained comatose and has been on life support at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Makati Medical Center (MCC) after his accident
  • Lilibeth Romero, Garcia’s partner, expressed her grief about the incident
  • She recalled her moments with Garcia before the incident happened

On June 8, Saturday, Eddie Garcia sustained a neck fracture injury after tripping and falling down while shooting a TV series for GMA Network. He was first taken to the Mary Johnston Hospital in Tondo for treatment before being transferred to the Makati Medical Center on Sunday.

In the initial reports, it was stated that Garcia “suffered from a severe heart attack” during the taping and this was in turn released by GMA Network as it was purported to be an “official family statement.” But on June 9, Sunday, GMA Network made a clarification and said it was still reviewing the viral video of the veteran actor’s accident.

In the earlier statement released by GMA Network, it said that it was “deeply saddened” with what happened to Garcia and the “management is committed to getting to the bottom of this unfortunate incident.”

According to a statement released by the hospital, Garcia has remained comatose and is dramatically deteriorating even if he has been on life support at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Makati Medical Center (MCC).

Just recently, Antonio Rebosa, the medico-legal and spokesman representing Garcia’s family confirmed that Garcia is still on life support and remains in critical condition.

He contradicted the rumors saying that the Garcia family is considering the withdrawal of Eddie’s life support.

“In the news it’s reported that they’re contemplating on withdrawal of life support,” he said referring to a Philippine Star article stating that Garcia might be taken off life support.

According to Rebosa, as far as documents are concerned, the family has not signed any document/waiver withdrawing the life support of Garcia who is under 72-hour critical observation at the Makati Medical Center. Last night, Garcia had episodes of hypotension (low blood pressure) but his blood pressure stabilized afterwards.

He clarified that the family might be contemplating a do-not-resuscitate (DNR) order, which did not mean the withdrawal of life support.

“I don’t think at this time that that’s what the family meant. Maybe the family has decided that if at all, at the moment, which I’m trying to confirm, Mr. Garcia would go into cardiac arrest, they would not resuscitate,” Rebosa said.

Eddie was placed under a 72-hour “critical observation” and was unresponsive, practically brain dead, even if his heart continues to function normally at MCC. His condition was described as “Glasgow coma, the lowest rate” as stated by the Philippine Star.

“He was declared DOA (Dead On Arrival) at the first hospital,” said Garcia’s long-time partner of 33 years Lillibeth Romero in an interview with Philippine Star.

“I learned that when he stumbled on a cable wire and hit his head on the pavement, he broke his spinal cord. It was the ‘freakest’ of accidents that could have been prevented,” said Romero.

“Eddie was revived at Mary Johnston and moved to Makati Med where my uncle, Dr. Enrique Lagman, confirmed that he suffered neither a heart attack nor an aneurysm,” Romero added.

“I was asked if I wanted to have Eddie resuscitated but I bided my time. I might make a decision this afternoon (yesterday),” she stated.

Romero was still thankful for the people who carried the unconscious Garcia from the pavement to a passing cab and said she was not blaming anyone.

However, she stressed that (the GMA 7) management should have assigned a medic or a standby vehicle on the set and it was saddening for her to find out that there were none on the set.

“I was told that the accident happened on the third shoot of the same scene from another angle,” related Lillibeth. “And they should have checked the condition of the street and if cable wires were scattered all around. It was an accident that could have been prevented.”

She also recalled her moments with Garcia before the tragic incident happened. On Saturday, Garcia left home at 5 o’clock morning after a breakfast of cereals and bananas to arrive early on the set.

“He reminded the maid to wake him up at 4 o’clock. At the breakfast table, I even kidded him, ‘Uy, you will be the earliest to arrive on the set again ha.’ He was never late, always the first to arrive on the set, always prepared for the day’s shoot,” Romero narrated.

According to Romero, she even called Garcia’s driver and bodyguard to check up on him as it was so hot that day and the shoot was done outdoors on Vitas St. in Tondo. She was later informed that Garcia was in an air-conditioned tent.

“I rest assured when they told me that Eddie was in an air-conditioned tent,” Romero said.

She also revealed that Garcia had sound health since they undergo executive check-ups once every three months.

“His blood pressure and blood sugar were normal,” said Romero, “and he even campaigned (for a party list) in last May 13 elections, staying under the oppressive sun for hours. I was with him, prepared with towels, drinks, and sandwiches. So I was devastated when I saw that accident on the video clip. And it had to happen in line of work! I saw the video only once and I don’t want to see it again,” Romero revealed.

Only close family and friends are being allowed to visit Garcia in the hospital.

Just recently, actors Phillip Salvador and Robin Padilla went to the Makati Medical Center to visit the veteran actor. Newly elected senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. and wife Lani Mercado, Jaime Fabregas also visited him.

The Garcia family and some celebrities are asking the public to continue to pray for his speedy recovery.


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