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Is another bromance brewing inside ‘PBB Otso’ house?

  • DJ Jhaiho feels there something between PBB housemates Gino and Sky.
  • Gino and Sky’s hug have people speculating about their bromance

After #KenLey comes #GinKy. Is another bromance brewing inside Pinoy Big Brother house?

The observation was made by MOR DJ Jhaiho on his Twitter account.

In a tweet last June 5, Jhaiho said he feels something about PBB Otso housemates Gino and Sky.

“Dama ko si Gino at Sky may something hmmmm…,” Jhaiho tweeted.

The observation may have something to do with one episode of the hit reality TV program.

In the June 1, 2019 episode, the two were seen hugging each other in bed. That scene made viewers’ playful minds conclude something.

In DJ Jhaiho’s tweet, many netizens agreed with his observation saying there may be really something going on between the two.

But there were also those who said it could be only a brotherhood bond.


Prior to this latest bromance moment, PBB courted controversy with the alleged bromance between Kenzo Gutierrez and Bailey May Thomas during PBB 737.

The two were also subjected to public scrutiny because of their closeness inside the PBB house.

But PBB resident psychologist Dr. Randy Dellosa explained that their case is more of brotherly love.

 “It’s more about brotherly love, a deep friendship between two males,” said Dellosa.

Dr. Randy also added that since the housemates are confined in the house without access to the outside world, the tendency to get lonely and long for support and affection is not far fetched. He said that it can lead to becoming more emotional and touchy.

“Yung mga housemates they get lonely and they want to get the affection from each other para masuportahan nila ang isa’t isa. So that’s one reason why they become touchy and emotional,” added Dr. Randy Dellosa.

With the Filipino culture on masculinity, Dr. Dellosa explained that the public’s reaction to their bromance is understandable because we are not used to the changes in shifting gender expectations.

“This is one way to educate na nagbabago ang gender expectations at gender roles sa culture natin ngayon. Kung dati eh ang lalaki dapat tough, rough at emotionless, ngayon we have to be in touch with both our male and female sides,” he explained.

With Dr. Dellosa’s explanation, it can also be inferred that the current bromance inside the house is just another deep friendship or brotherly love between two male housemates.


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