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Jessica Soho flaunts slimmer figure, shocks the netizens

  • A post about the multi-awarded journalist Jessica Soho circulated on social media and it earned mixed reactions from the Netizens.
  • The post referred to a photograph showing a comparison of Soho’s earlier self and what she is now.
  • Some Netizens noticed that the broadcast journalist is glowing.

Many Netizens have noticed the body transformation of the award-winning journalist Jessica Soho. A post is circulating on social media showing a comparison of Soho’s earlier self and what she looks like now.

Her body transformation earned different reactions from the Netizens, mostly admiring her present look that is far from what people have come to know her.

Aside from that, Netizens noticed that the broadcast journalist is glowing.

Throughout her career, Soho was known as a plus-sized journalist. But her ‘lofty’ figure didn’t stop her to become successful.

Her weight is not enough reason for her not to do her obligation as a broadcast journalist. In fact, she has covered different stories and documentaries, no matter how difficult (just to deliver up-to-date news) the situations were.

Her valuable contribution in the field of journalism gave her the opportunity to be recognized not just locally, but globally.

Her perseverance and dedication helped her bag various awards and recognition[s]. Among these awards, she is the first Filipino to receive the British Fleet Journalism Award in 1998. She was also the first Filipino to win in the New York Film Festival in 2014 and 2015 for Coverage of a Breaking Story. Another international award that she bagged was in 2015 during the US International Film and Video Festival.

Soho’s GMA News programs Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, and State of the Nation with Jessica Soho were recognized by the George Foster Peabody Awards in 2014. The latter has afforded Soho with consecutive wins for Most Trusted News Presenter by Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands Asia.

Truly, her ‘big’ figure is not a hindrance for her to reach the pinnacle of success. It became her solid ground to stand tall and dream higher instead. She is indeed, a good example to our countrymen and a pride to our motherland.

Whatever her reason behind reducing her pounds, it is good to see her enjoying a healthy living. It’s not bad to be weighty, but it’s not bad to be fit.

Nonetheless, as a host of a news magazine show, the public hopes to see Soho’s journey for a fitter and better version of oneself.


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