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‘Kadenang Ginto’ remains unbeaten by rival ‘Bihag’ in NUTAM TV Ratings

  • Kadenang Ginto is still the viewers’ favorite afternoon series
  • Kadenang Ginto remained unbeaten by rival Bihag

ABS-CBN’s afternoon series Kadenang Ginto is still dominating over GMA Network’s action drama series Bihag in NUTAM TV Ratings.

For Kadenang Ginto‘s highlights last week, Daniela and Romina’s feud caused an unfortunate accident. Romina then became worried about Cassie who becomes very ill. After she learned who was behind Cassie and Kristoff’s car accident, Daniela is filled with guilt and considered donating blood for Cassie’s operation. Then, Daniela tried to stop Carlos from ending their marriage and revealing what he knows about her involvement in Romina’s assault.


For Bihag‘s highlights last week, Jessie and Brylle agreed to be separate to heal their hearts. Jessie still suspects Reign must be involved in Ethan’s death. She became emotional upon seeing a child who looks like Ethan and she finally confirms that Reign was involved in her son’s death.

On its Monday (June 10) episode, Kadenang Ginto recorded a high score of 10.9% which is 3.5% higher than Bihag‘s rating of 7.4%

On Tuesday (June 11), Kadenang Ginto climbed higher in ratings, reaching 11.1% and dominating over Bihag which only got 7.7%.

On Wednesday (June 12), Kadenang Ginto garnered 11.6% maintaining a wide lead over rival series Bihag and its 7.4%.

For Thursday’s (June 13) episode, Kadenang Ginto‘s rating went down a bit to 10.1% but still won against Bihag which registered a low score of 6.1%.

On Friday (June 14), Kadenang Ginto gained a 10.9% which was higher against Bihag low score of 5.9%.

NUTAM People Ratings:

Monday (June 10) Bihag 7.4% vs Kadenang Ginto 10.9%
Tuesday (June 11) Bihag 7.7% vs Kadenang Ginto 11.1%
Wednesday (June 12) Bihag 37.4% vs Kadenang Ginto 11.6%
Thursday (June 13) Bihag 6.1% vs Kadenang Ginto 10.1%
Friday (June 14) Bihag 5.9% vs Kadenang Ginto 10.9%


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