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Kris Aquino bids farewell to showbiz to live a ‘private life’

  • Kris Aquino made her farewell posts last June 7
  • After her supposed social media break, ‘The Queen of All Media’ is now leaving showbiz for good
  • She explained that she wants to focus on making herself healthier and to live with her two sons privately

Kris Aquino returned from her social media hiatus only to make the announcement that she had decided to leave showbiz for good.

Last June 7, Kris left messages on her social media accounts hinting that she was leaving showbiz to live a private life.

On Facebook she wrote, “Not an overly lengthy explanation about the state of my health- because those closest to me won’t even ask for it, all they want is for my overall well-being to improve… those who doubt me, hate on me & enjoy bashing me don’t deserve to know what my now is…

“Those who still care for me will thankfully understand why I am choosing privacy… and those I love will simply support my today’s how, what, where, and when,” she added.

She also revealed that due to her reactions to the medications, her medical diagnosis is unpredictable that she decided not to share it publicly anymore since “it would be careless to post something confusing.”

The actress also admitted that she misses the old her, the way she used to be before her health started to fail.

She wrote, “Truthfully I miss the old me, the one who felt fulfillment from being a workaholic, wasn’t constantly bedridden for days because of extreme fatigue, muscle weakness, nausea, or dizziness; the one who used to enjoy eating and didn’t find food consumption a struggle; the one who slept well at night, not when the sun is rising until mid-afternoon; the one who could go to Church, malls, cinemas, and restaurants without fear that her immune system couldn’t handle it; and i miss the one who could brisk walk while traveling, wasn’t helpless that her sons have to take turns holding her hand to keep her steady, and also take turns with Bincai whenever in the bathroom because of the the times she had dizzy spells and fainting.”

Posted by Kris Aquino on Friday, June 7, 2019

She also wrote, “My immediate goal is WELLNESS although it’s clear to me, my autoimmune conditions have no cure. That’s my FOCUS for the next few months: get my immunity stronger, concentrate on the parts of me where I have a chance to be better, and strive for HARMONY where it’s possible. Pragmatically, I cannot do that without adopting PRIVACY.”

“You and I deserve the REAL me, not the angled, filtered, photoshopped me to make me look less frail and gaunt…that’s why I am surrendering to God’s timing.”

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and here’s my why… i wrote something a bit lengthy with quite a number of “receipts” which i hope you’ll take time to read. Easiest access is by clicking the link in my BIO that will bring you directly to my official FB page. There’s a short P.S. we chose to include all the work i somehow managed to do from October to April because 1st i wanted to express sincerest gratitude to all the brands who chose to stick it out with me. And 2nd, whatever difficult challenges you may be facing now, i hope seeing that i soldiered on will remind you that a strong spirit that refused to give up can still stand firm even through life’s more painful moments. God bless you all with a lot of love this Sunday. 💛

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Fans expressed their support for the actress’ decision and even prayed for her fast recovery.

A netizen commented, I took my time to read and its worth reading..Lesson I learned ‘dont fully trust anybody esp.financially’..I hope and wish that the person causing your agony would concede and return your hard earned money, that amount if money is not a joke, he used it for his own interest and financial growth..I hope he will find in he’s heart he is wrong…and will give you peace..Thanks Kris for inspiring us Kris…”

Another netizen also wrote, “Stay strong Ms. Kris. Put all your trust and faith in the Lord. Praying for your speedy recovery. Always remember God is good all the time and all the time God is good. God bless your wonderful family.

This is not the first time that Kris Aquino decided to leave the spotlight. Last April 9, she decided to temporarily shutdown her social media accounts to focus on her recovery privately. This time, however, she is bidding farewell to being a public figure to enjoy her life privately with her two sons and to recover from medical issues.

Let’s hope all the best for Kris!


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