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May 2019 TV Ratings: ABS-CBN leads nationwide, GMA Network dominates Urban Luzon

  • ABS-CBN leads national ratings.
  • GMA Network takes Urban Luzon viewership
  • ABS-CBN reports nationwide TV ratings while GMA Network uses Urban Luzon

The TV ratings battle for May 2019 was a split between two of the biggest networks ABS-CBN and GMA Network. But it’s notable that the split was uneven.

ABS-CBN continued to lead nationwide TV ratings as reported by Kantar Media.

For the month of May 2019, ABS-CBN registered a total average rating of 44% versus GMA Network’s 31%.

The Kapamilya network also won all programming blocks from morning, afternoon, and primetime.

For the morning block, ABS-CBN captured 34% audience share 4% higher than GMA’s 30%. The afternoon programming was also led by the Kapamilya network as it registered 43% vs 31% during noontime and a 20% margin on pre-primetime at 50% versus 30%.

The primetime block which is the most important programming block since most Filipinos watch TV at this time and advertisers put a larger chunk of their budgets during this time was also won by ABS-CBN.

ABS-CBN captured 47% audience share compared to GMA’s 33% during primetime.

Aside from programming blocks, ABS-CBN also won every geographic area both Urban and Rural.

They won Metro and Mega Manila with 42% versus 24% and 36% versus 31% ratings respectively.

Total Luzon, Visayan, and Mindanao also gave ABS-CBN the lead at 39% vs 34%, 53% vs 25% and 51% vs 28% ratings respectively.

Meanwhile, GMA Network also claimed number 1 spot in May TV ratings but using AGB’s Urban Luzon numbers.


Compared to previous years where they reported NUTAM nationwide numbers,  GMA switched to Urban Luzon starting April.

For May 2019, the Kapuso network reported continued dominance in Urbal Luzon viewers. GMA Network registered 5.7% lead versus ABS-CBN at 36.3% to 30.7%.

GMA Network also led all programming blocks at 29.3% vs 23.8% of ABS-CBN. Afternoon block was also captured by GMA Network as it registered an average rating of 36.2% against ABS-CBN’s 32.7%.

GMA Network also led the viewer-rich primetime block with 39.5% versus Kapamilya network’s 32.2%.


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