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Netizens poke fun on Senator-elect Francis Tolentino’s fourth star proposal

  • A proposal to add a fourth star on the Philippine flag.
  • Netizens slammed senator-elect Francis Tolentino’s proposal to add one more star on the Philippine flag.
  • The three stars represent Luzon, Visayas (though originally referring to Panay), and Mindanao.

A Philippine elected senator Francis Tolentino suggestion to add another star on the Philippine Flag’s current design with three stars and a sun, did receive numerous reactions (mostly negative) from Netizens.

During the 121st Philippine Independence Day celebration held in Davao City, the senator made the suggestion to add a fourth star on the original design of the Philippine Flag, “I propose a fourth star to the Philippine flag. A fourth star to reflect the Benham Rise, the future Philippines, the future land of the next generation of Filipinos.”

The Benham rise is a seismically dynamic undersea district volcanic edge situated in the Philippine Sea that has reportedly gone extinct.

The unexpected suggestion during the country’s celebration of freedom immediately caught the attention of many Netizens who hilariously reacted to it.

Some others felt embarrassed thinking it’s unnecessary and absolutely stupid.

Before this suggestion was brought to the table, a prior suggestion was presented last year.

The suggestion was brought to the Philippine Senate to compose a bill measure to add a 9th ray on the original eight sun rays in the Philippine flag symbolizing the provinces in the state.

Another ray was proposed to be added to represent the Muslims’ heroism in the country.


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