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Riva Quenery explains her side of the Blackpink event controversy

  • Riva Quenery posted an explanation of her side of the Shopee event controversy.
  • Riva defended herself from bashers regarding their “laughing” incident

The controversy surrounding the #ShopeeScam has yet to cool down.

After getting flak from netizens for allegedly laughing at one of the Blackpink members, Girltrend member Riva Quenery took to social media to explain her side of the story.

In a Facebook video, Riva answered one by one all the issues being thrown at her by furious Blink fans.

The video which was posted on Saturday, June 8, 2019, contains her explanation about the controversial Shopee event.

Titled “Dear Blinks”, Riva at the beginning of the video asked for open mind from all Blink fans as she explained her side.

The first issue she answered is the issue of being a fake fan or bandwagoner. According to Riva the issue is not new because she was oftentimes tagged as fake fan who’s just using Blackpink for her fame.

But she insisted that she was a real fan and recounted how she started to be one.

“Naging fan ako ng Blackpink nung request sila ng request saken na gumawa ako ng ‘As if its your last.’ Yun na yung start ng pagkakakilala ko sa kanila hanggang sa tumuloy tuloy na hanggang sinubaybayan ko na talaga sila,” she explained.

She even added that she needed to spend some huge amounts of money just to watch them and to buy Blackpink merchandise to prove her love for the group.

“Bakit naman ako gagastos ng 20k sa concert nila nung Feb kung fake fan naman ako?” Riva asked while explaining.

After that, she went on to explain the other issue which is how they got to enter the event.

The Blackpink meet and greet event was part of a Shoppe promo wherein users need to buy a certain amount to get a pass and the top 40 spenders will get a chance to meet the K-pop artists up close and personal.

But according to Riva, she did not join the promo and didn’t spend any amount because she was invited by Shopee.

She said she was supposed to join the promo but Shopee already messaged her that she already got a free pass to the event. She even showed the message from Shopee regarding her invite.

“Honestly hindi ako sumali sa pa-game sa Shopee. Hindi rin ako gumastos para maging top 40 Shopee spender…Ininvite ako ng Shopee,” Riva revealed.

After that, she addressed the most controversial issue of laughing at Jennie.

The issue started after AC Bonifacio did an Instagram live wherein the three (AC, Riva, and Awra Briguela) were seen laughing after a short conversation.

On Twitter, a netizen took their conversation as disrespect to Jennie which spread like wildfire that caused furious Blinks to target AC, Awra, and Riva.

But in her video explanation, Riva said that the story being circulated on Twitter is wrong and it is fake news.

According to her, it was not Jennie that they were laughing at but Awra’s manner of speaking English.

“Kung nanonood kayo ng videos ko alam nyo na mahilig mag english-englishan si Awra at ako yung taga tawa nya,” she said.

She stressed that it was Awra’s English that they were laughing at and not Jennie’s condition.

“Nung tumawa kame nun hindi dahil may sakit si Jennie….Natawa kame dahil dun sa English ni Awra hindi dahil may sakit si Jennie,” she added.

Here’s Riva’s Facebook video explaining her side.


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