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Alex Gonzaga reacts to ‘starlet ka’ comment on social media

  • Alex Gonzaga received harsh comments on social media
  • She shared how she gets past criticisms
  • Mommy Pinty, Alex’s mom, refused to hold back against her daughter’s basher

Alex Gonzaga, one of the most popular YouTube vloggers in showbiz, is now unfazed by mean comments from bashers on social media.

Some netizens compared the comedienne’s showbiz career to her sister Toni Gonzaga’s who is a popular TV host.

They taunted her, “Hanggang vlog ka na lang” and predicted that her career on television would not flourish.

Alex, who is sometimes called Cathy or Catherine, now has 3.8 million subscribers on YouTube and her videos get plenty of views and comments each time she uploads one. She is usually joined by herher parents, sister Toni, or boyfriend Mikee Morada in her vlogs.

The YouTube star, who started her vlogging career on July 17, earned more fans through her funny and candid videos. However, Alex still gets criticisms despite her success.

Alex who learned how to deal with criticism is now unfazed through her realizations.

Alex said, “Kasi words will always be words unless you put meaning to it. Kaya siya nakaka-hurt kasi naniniwala ka, partly naniniwala ka.

“So may time dati, nasasaktan ako sa ‘starlet ka, kung wala ate mo, wala ka.’ Tinanggap ko, in-accept ko, e, ganoon naman talaga, e, so okay na ako sa word na iyon.

“Nakikita ko na, ‘Hanggang vlog ka na lang, mag-vlog ka na lang.’ For a time, nasasaktan ako doon. Pero na-realize ko, I am earning here, the people are now approaching me. I see na more people are understanding me, are coming to me.

“I have to own it, it’s okay. Kung sabihin mo, mag-vlog ka na lang, and everyone is doing vlog na rin, dumami na rin nag-vlog kasi it’s becoming mainstream na, kasi it’s okay,”Alex shared in an interview with in the recent Quaker Breakfast Show event.

Recently,Alex’s mother known as Mommy Pinty also came in rescue for her when she was once called “palengkerang pokpok” on her Instagram post.

It was on June 13 when Alex posted a throwback photo of her vacation in New York.She then received a backlash from a netizen.

The netizen commented:“Ano ginagawa ng palingkera pokpok sa New York bazura.”

Mommy Pinty did not let this slide and responded with:”Ha, sino ka! Kawawa ka naman, will pray for you, baka sa inggit ano gawin mo sa sarili mo. Be happy, girl.”

Alex shared this conversation on Twitter and wrote in the caption: “Hahahaha MOMMY PINTY is KWEEN and savage!!! 😂”

At this time, she said that she is now unaffected by harsh comments and admitted that she is now used to it.

“I’m used to it na kasi talaga, e. Parang, I accepted the fact na yung personality ko, some people will not really like it.

“It’s not normal for me na hello, hello, hello, parang ganoon, since bata ako my personality is like this.

“Napapagalitan ako ng parents ko, nakukulitan sila sa akin, mga teachers ko, naiinis sa akin.”

Alex clarified, though, that she has been trying to make some adjustments in her personality.

“Kahit papaano nagche-change ka, may tini-tweak ka, mayroon kang inaano, pero bottomline, this is really my personality, yung ang humor ko, yun ang ano.”

But then again, she also seemed resigned, “Some people will not really get it, will not really like it.”

Meanwhile, life goes on. She shared that every morning, she picks up her phone to check her messages, calls and her social media accounts.Everyday, she views the motivational and inspirational quotes sent by her sister to fill her with positive vibes.

The 31-year-old star stated that she will continue her vlogs as long as she is appreciated by many.

“As long as I do this, and people appreciate it, it’s fine, as long as mas madami pa rin yung likes kaysa dislikes, I am okay,” she concluded.


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