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‘Goin’ Bulilit’ earns praises from netizens for being ‘woke’

  • A conversation and video clip from a Goin’Bulilit episode went viral
  • The comedy show Goin’ Bulilit earned praises from netizens
  • The show made a satire about the recent Reed Bank incident

A video clip from a Goin’ Bulilit episode went viral on social media.

It happened after a netizen shared a video clip showing a conversation of Goin’ Bulilit’ kids making satirical jokes about the Reed Bank incident wherein a Philippine boat was rammed by a Chinese vessel on June 9.

The conversation in the sketch comedy show was about the recent statements of Mocha Uson, Sass Sasot, and other DDS bloggers saying that there was no evidence to prove that the Chinese vessel rammed the Philippine boat as an act of aggression. President Rodrigo Duterte also dismissed the incident as merely a “maritime incident” in his statement.

A netizen with a handle @Pepper_ChrisJ posted the now trending video in a comment section of a post on Twitter.

The netizens praised the show and the Goin’ Bulilit kids for evoking political awareness.


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