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Rico Blanco points out that we should ‘stop making Filipinos local versions of global icons’

  • Rico Blanco has been compared to Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves
  • Rico disagreed with this idea, believing that Filipino icons should not be Pinoy versions of other nationalities
  • He denounced an entertainment website for its misleading headline

Rico Rene Granados Blanco popularly known as Rico Blanco has been compared to Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves, presumably due to their similar facial features.

However, this comparison made him unhappy as this was opposed to his ‘silent advocacy’ that Filipinos should not be Pinoy versions of global icons.

Recently, the multi-awarded artist denounced Philippine Entertainment Portal (, an entertainment website, for publishing an article with a misleading headline about him.

The article which was titled as “Rico Blanco, ayaw ma-label bilang Keanu Reeves ng Pilipinas” posted on July 7, upset Rico and he described it as a ‘stupid headline’ and mentioned that this will cause him trouble.

“Stupid headline will get me into trouble point was lets stop making filipinos local versions of global icons,” Rico wrote on Twitter.

The singer-songwriter was interviewed by the entertainment website during his contract signing at Viva Music Publishing Inc.

He addressed being compared to an international actor and explained that his advocacy for local artists.

“I know people mean it as a compliment and I’m flattered about it, but I have a running silent advocacy na Filipinos should not be Pinoy versions of whoever.

“We should be Anne Curtis is Anne Curtis.

“Sarah G. is Sarah G. She’s not Adele of the Philippines. She’s not Lady Gaga of the Philippines.

“So, whenever someone says maybe Keanu Reeves is Rico Blanco, I don’t know…

“We’re two different people. How many gigs has he played? How many Hollywood blockbusters have I starred in?

“But I think people mean it lightly lang naman—long hair sila, pareho silang hindi nag-aahit.

“It’s nakakahiya, kasi guwapo yung Keanu Reeves.

“Pero yun lang sana, yung Pilipino, itigil nating isipin na versions tayo like kapag nagsuot ako ng suit, ginaya niya si ano…”Rico shared.

The musician who recently released “Nagbabalik,” his collaboration with IV Of Spades,was not pleased by the article and decided to ban the from his feature events.

Rico was lauded and supported by netizens for his advocacy to uplift local artists and to stop colonial mentality. They also expressed their disapproval of the entertainment website’s misleading headline.

Rico began his career as one of the founding members, and served as the chief songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, and keyboardist of the Filipino rock band Rivermaya from 1994 until 2007. He has been a solo artist since 2008. His songs have gained critical and commercial success, making him one of the greatest local music icons in the country.


Written by Amy Delos Reyes

Just an ordinary person who loves to read stories and poems.Through writing,I desire to make a connection with the readers and share some useful insights to them.

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