5 reasons why Twitter is a must for Filipino Kpop fans

  • Philippines among the Top 5 countries Tweeting most about KPop
  • Famous Filipino personalities also jumped into the Kpop craze!
  • Hallyu or Korean Wave that has been coming in surge to the Philippines over the years

Manila, 5 August 2019 – Kpop fans around the world have always turned to Twitter to see what’s happening with their favourite idols and to talk about #KpopTwitter.

The Hallyu or Korean Wave that has been coming in surge to the Philippines over the past years.

Just during the first half of 2019, over 15 Kpop acts have been in the country.

This August, three Kpop groups, EXO, NU’EST and GFriend, are set to perform for their Filipino fans.

The events for the Filipino Kpop community is not ending anytime soon and Twitter is the platform of choice to be part of the Kpop conversation.

Korean Wave continues to take strides, and this has been evident on Twitter.

Even the South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism recognized social platform sites’ contribution to the ever-growing global interest of people to Hallyu.

In fact, Kpop set a new global record of 5.3 billion Tweets in 2018 along with the Philippines as one of the Top 20 countries worldwide that Tweeted most about Kpop in the same year.

As if the record isn’t groundbreaking enough, #TwitterBestFandom which was used for the 14th Annual Soompi Awards in May 2019.

The hashtag was also proclaimed the most used hashtag in 24 hours on Twitter, according to the Guinness World Records.

“Kpop is one of the key conversation drivers on Twitter in Philippines,” said YeonJeong Kim, Head of Global Kpop Partnerships, Twitter.

“Filipinos love music and conversations in general.

Kpop and Twitter combined really makes the platform the go-to source for real-time information, so they will not miss out on #WhatsHappening in the Kpop scene,” she added.

For Filipino Kpop fans, having a Twitter account is almost a must for spazzing (Kpop slang for fangirling/fanboying).

From keeping up with the latest news to decoding the next comeback concerts, Twitter is the platform for anything Kpop. Here’s why:

1. Fans get real-time updates

Twitter provides information in real-time which allows Kpop fans to get their news fresh off the oven.

One thing about Kpop fans is that they don’t want to miss out on all the activities, from rookies set to comebacks and even commercial films.

Through Twitter, they are able to keep abreast of the latest reports just by following fellow fans, fandom accounts, and the use of hashtags.

Fansite culture is also huge in Kpop.

These people follow idols on their schedule and they usually take the job of translating updates for international fans.

It has been a norm that Kpop Tweeps go to Twitter to look out for English translations of their biases’ social media reports or updates sourced from Korean news portals and fansites.

2. Friendships and fandoms are formed

Kpop brings people together, and Twitter makes it even more possible by enabling fans to meet kindred spirits and possibly, a family online.

There will always be a fan who share the same love for whoever idol or actor/actress your heart beats for.

So, one just needs to look for the fandom he/she belongs and spazzing will never be lonely.

These encounters online can also transcend into real-life fellowship. Just like spazzing, going to a concert or fan meet is best shared with someone.

As resourceful as they are, fans often look for concert buddies or join arranged group meetings online.

Famous Filipino personalities also jumped into the Kpop craze!

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach (@PiaWurtzbach) is an ELF (stands for Everlasting Friend, Super Junior’s fandom name), Glaiza de Castro (@glaizaredux) is a VIP (Bigbang), and Anne Curtis (@annecurtissmith) is a certified BLINK and K-drama fangirl. In fact, actor Park Bo Gum (@BOGUMMY) even exchanged Tweets with Anne after his successful fanmeet in Manila.

3. Dreams do come true

Which Kpop fan in the Twitterverse have not heard of “Inang Reyna”? Happee Sy (@happeehour) is a Filipino Kpop fan’s fairy god-mother.

Fans are now closer to realizing their dream concert.

Just call out to Inang and she listens.

When she drops “iponing mode” on her Tweets, it means your favorite Kpop idol is coming anytime soon so you better save up to join the fun.

When D-Day comes, Filipino Tweeps go to Twitter to check out #WhatsHappening before, during and after the concert.

#TeamBahay comfort themselves by scrolling through their feeds with their biases’ concert hashtag, while #TeamConcert happily share how things are heating up inside the venue.

#TeamLabas also report real-time how they are in spirit with the concert goers inside as they cheer just outside the concert venue.

Twitterverse shows how solid Filipino Kpop fans are.

4. Kpop Fandoms: Tweeting with a purpose

As soon as the event organizers/Kpop companies drop the date for that dream concert, fandoms get even busier!

They put up projects to express their love for their idols as much as they can.

From preparing a warm welcome at the airport to making their favorite idol group’s fanmeet or concert memorable, Filipino Kpop fans go to Twitter to mount these special projects.

Another admirable feat about fandoms is that they unite not just for music, but also for the greater good.

Fans use Twitter to express their support for their idol’s advocacies and to also encourage fellow fans to help them spread the message across.

Filipino Kpop fans never fail to give back to the community; their idols serve as inspiration for them to spazz responsibly and become agents of change just like their bias.

5. Kpop fans can connect to their idols

#TwitterBlueroom has been bringing Kpop fans closer to their idols! Over 200 Kpop acts, such as BTS (@BTS_twt), EXO (@weareoneEXO) have been featured on #TwitterBlueroom.

In 2018, each Kpop #TwitterBlueroom earned an average of one million viewership. Fans participate during the exclusive live Q&A sessions on Twitter, through Tweeting their questions or messages to their idols. Who knows your bias member might notice you for that one Tweet?

From concerts and fanmeets of Korean idols and actors/actresses, more Hallyu acts are in the pipeline for the Kpop community in the Philippines.

FOMO (fear of missing out) is no longer an issue for fanboys/fangirls because Twitterverse is the best place for spazzing.

Use the #KPopTwitter hashtag on Twitter for real-time updates on your favourite Kpop artists!


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