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‘Encounter’ remains the no. 1 Koreanovela on primetime, records consistent win in NUTAM People’s Ratings

  • The newest Koreanovela of ABS-CBN, Encounter, remains unbeatable in the primetime block according to NUTAM People’s Ratings
  • It defeated GMA Network’s Ruler of the Mask and Bubble Gang on its pilot week
  • More viewers preferred to watch Encounter, one of the most highest-rated Korean drama of 2018

The pilot week of ABS-CBN’s newest Koreanovela Encounter recorded consistent wins in NUTAM People’s Ratings. It captured more viewers than its rival Korean drama on GMA Network, The Ruler of the Mask.

More viewers preferred to watch Encounter, one of the most highest-rated Korean drama of 2018. In Encounter‘s pilot week story highlights, Cha Soo Hyun (Song Hye-Kyo) devoted her life into making her hotel successful after getting the divorce she wanted. It was so successful that she earned the chance to open a branch in Cuba. After attending the opening ceremony, she visited Malecon Beach and had a magical encounter. Upon his arrival, Kim Jin Hyuk (Park Bo-gum) got a surprising phone call telling him that he got the job at Donghwa Hotel. He is perplexed by the fact that the woman he spent a romantic day with in Cuba is actually the CEO of the hotel. On Jin Hyuk’s first day at work, he met Soo Hyun again. With Soo Hyun’s mother and ex-mother-in-law on the same boat, Soo Hyun fought a lonely battle. She asked for Woo Suk’s help so that Jin Hyuk won’t get hurt. With a heavy heart, Soo Hyun went on a business trip to Sokcho.

GMA Network’s historical Korean drama Ruler of the Mask, Deputy Magistrate Han was abashed to see his daughter appear at the execution site. Ga-Eun cried for mercy on her father’s life. So did the crowd. However, Han confessed his sin and urged to kill him. The Prince appeared late shouting for the execution to stop, but it was too late. Ga-Eun lost her spirit and fainted. Furious Woo Bo went to Dae Mok who came to him long ago for his teaching. Woo Bo was yelling at his terrible change. The Crown Prince asks Woo Bo how to eradicate the Pyeonsoo-hwe. King Yeongjo looks for another Lee Seon. Eun Ha finds proof that her father was innocent. The Crown Prince teaches Lee Seon how to impersonate him.

Here are the comparative ratings of Encounter and Ruler of the Mask from August 5 to August 9 according to NUTAM People’s Ratings:

The pilot episode of Encounter which premiered on Monday, August 5 registered its first win with a rating of 6.2% against the low score of Ruler of the Mask which only had 4.1%.

The following day, Encounter recorded an increase of viewership with a score of 6.5% and this led the Ruler of the Mask with  3.8%.

On Wednesday, August 7, Encounter reached its highest peak with 7.1% but Ruler of the Mask remained low with 4.0% though it got an increase.

On Thursday, August 8, Encounter went down to 6.3% but was still triumphant against Ruler of the Mask with a score of 3.5%.

On Friday, August 9, Encounter climbed up again to 6.7% and was not defeated by the comedy show Bubble Gang which only got 5.0%.


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