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GT members react to bashers criticizing their performance ion ‘It’s Showtime’

  • A viral video of the all-female group GT performing on It’s Showtime received negative comments from netizens
  • Some GT members were even blamed for the disastrous performance
  • GT members reacted to the criticisms.

“Mas watak watak pa sila kaysa mga isla ng Pilipinas.”

“Muntikan ng magkasabay-sabay. Tapos yung boses nung isa napakatrying hard 🤣”

“How to unsee”

These were just some of the negative comments of netizens had for all-female group GT’s performance on It’s Showtime.

It all started last August 14, when GT, consisting of Chienna Filomeno, Dawn Chang, Mikee Agustin, Mica Javier, Krissha Viaje, Sammie Rimando, and Joana Hipolito, performed a song-and-dance production number “How Do You Sleep Tonight”

During the performance, it was very obvious how the GT Members didn’t dance in sync and how their voices were offkey as well.

Netizen @keikamatsu compared GT’s performance to the islands of the country.

“Mas watak-watak pa sila kaysa mga isla ng Pilipinas”

Many more netizens criticized their performance, forcing the members of GT to react to the bashing.

Chie Filomeno replied to a netizen named @eiconellardlee who said the lousy performance was Chie’s fault.

“parang si @ChieFilomeno ang may sala hahahahaha”

Chie replied and accepted that it was her fault on why the dance was not good at all. “Yup, ako may sala. Aminado ako. That definitely wasn’t my day. I’m sorry for that. Ngayon lang ako naganyan sa 3 years ko sa GT. “

She then called out netizens and others who like giving negative comments and shaming people.

“Eh kayo kailan kayo magiging sorry sa kaka shame niyo ng tao na walang ginagawa sa inyo? ☺️♥️ I wish you all nothing but happiness and contentment.”

GT member Sammie Rimando also reacted to a netizen who tweeted that he has never heard of GT dancing in sync.

“Di po kasi nag iingay pag sabay sabay kami, walang nasasabi”

Mica Javier also accepted that it’s her fault and reasoned that her bad performance was due to lack of sleep.

On her Twitter, she made a lengthy tweet where she apologized for the performance and admitted that the song that was not in her range.

“1/2 Honestly, I did not feel good about today’s performance. No excuses. If you’re given a shot on stage, you should always perform your best.”

“I’m running on 2hrs sleep segue from taping, same day rehearsal, pang lalake pa yung song–wala sa range ko, pero no choice.”

Mica tweeted that she learned her lesson and with what happened she’ll stand up and will improve her self once more.

“2/2 kailangan gawin kasi yun ang binigay. Regardless I showed up to work, on time, and still did the job. Moral of the story, lahat tayo nadadapa, mas mahalaga, bumangon ka. Do better next time, always keep improving, never give up. It’s a process.”

Despite the negative comments, some netizens praised some members of the GT who did well in the performance.



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