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Was JoshLia Fake?

The brouhaha over the Bea Alonzo-Gerald Anderson-Julia Barretto has yet to die down but netizens are now speculating another aspect of the issue, namely Julia’s relationship with Joshua Garcia.

The question is, was JoshLia faking it all this time? Were they really in a romantic relationship before they decided to be “best of friends?”

Joshua and Julia first teamed up in the movie Vince and Kath and James. The two would go on to star in a few more movies and a series together with their relationship turning from reel to real. However, the relationship has since ended.

It was on June 28 when Joshua and Julia confirmed that they had decided to go back to just being “best friends.” Some speculated that Gerald Anderson was the reason why the couple broke up which they eventually denied.

Gerald and Julia co-starred in the film Between Maybes which premiered on May 15. The shooting took place in Japan.

Almost a month after Julia and Joshua’s split, the netizens were shocked by the revelation that real-life couple Bea and Gerald had broken up with Julia being tagged as the third party.

However, Julia denied her involvement in Bea and Gerald’s split. Furthermore, Gerald clarified that there’s no third party involved and their break-up is a result of their constant fights which eventually led into a ‘big and worse fight.’

But the photos and Instagram posts taken down from Julia and Gerald’s Instagram accounts tell otherwise. Whether it’s just a coincidence, the similarities in the dates and captions fueled rumors of Gerald and Julia relationship even more.

A netizen noticed Julia’s post on March 15 and the similarities of the caption to Gerald’s post on the same date.

The date was during their shoot for their movie Between Maybes. Because of this, netizens believe that Gerald and Julia’s love affair blossomed during this time. In addition, they checked-in at a hotel on the same day in April (which Julia’s mom Marjorie clarified was for a shoot for Between Maybes).

Netizens turned to different social media platforms just to air their sentiments.

On Twitter, a netizen under the username Miguel Veterbo Mori Jr. called out the actress and posted a series of questions which he thinks Julia must answer.

He wrote, “Of all the things you’ve said, you still missed the most important thing. The real question is..

“1. Are you and Gerald dating? if the answer is yes,

“2. Kailan kayo nagkaroon ng romantic communication ni Gerald?

“3. Kung nag break kayo ni Joshua 4 months ago, ilang days/weeks/months inabot na naging close kayo ni Gerald? Don’t forget about your recent movie together..

“4. Speaking of ‘woman,’ how sure are you that they’ve had closure with each other for you to entertain a certain man that quick? Didn’t you even imagine that the other side might not be over with her partner yet or it’s still unclear if their relationship is really over?

“5. If you respect your past relationship enough, why don’t you give yourself a little bit more time to heal, think and improve yourself for you to be more ready and be a better girlfriend?”

His tweet drew the attention of many netizens who, like him, asked Julia for clarifications.

A Julia Barretto poser account took on the persona of the actress and answered the questions as if she was Julia herself.

For the first question, if she and Gerald are dating, the fake Julia answered, “1. Yes we’re dating but as a friend and co-workers and not personally involved in Bea and Gerald’s relationship.”

When asked about when they started dating, the fake Julia wrote, “2. There’s nothing romantically happened but physically we did it for the movie and nothing personally.”

“How big issue is that isn’t it? We’ve been communicating 2 months before taping in Japan and probably that month is the blocking of the movie so we’ve met. And also we’re friends on ASAP. And clearly not I love to each other, ” she added.

Furthermore, she continued: “4. I’m not the reason about their break up or not talking to each other it’s just the matter of how ugly is the community who hypocritly bash us.”

“5.Lastly I have Joshua and yes we broke up but we’re still friends as close as we are since we’ve been together. And I have nothing to tell just that to testify that bea Alonzo is nothing with Gerald after all sorry to say that.”

Below are some of netizens reactions on the exchange of words between the Kapamilya actress and the Twitter user:


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