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Alex Gonzaga denies she tried to cut in line at the airport, says netizen who complained wasn’t even there

“Alex Gonzaga just tried to cut me at the immigration queue. What’s with entitled Filipino celebrities lol.”

  • A netizen claimed that Alex Gonzaga allegedly cut in line at airport immigration
  • The netizen slammed the actress for being “entitled”
  • Alex explained her side about the issue

Home Sweetie Home star and vlogger Alex Gonzaga defended herself from a netizen who claimed that she cut in line at airport immigration.

A Twitter netizen posted a screenshot of her Facebook friend’s sentiments saying that the actress tried to cut in line at the immigration queue.

“Alex Gonzaga just tried to cut me at the immigration queue. What’s with entitled Filipino celebrities lol,” the Facebook status wrote.

On Monday,September 9, Alex aired her side about the issue, explaining that a new counter had opened and that her senior citizen parents were invited to form a new line.

“Fyi: nagbukas ng new counter yung immigration, my mom and dad (senior citizens) were invited to form a new line, we thought she was with the elders infront of us coz sila na ang queue. Nagpaalam pa kami pumayag sila. Mommy ko ang nauna bigla nya sinabi sya daw dapat, we let her,” she said.

Alex also added that they were not in a hurry that time and debunked the accusation of the netizen saying they were “entitled” for she was with senior citizens.

“When we were lining up fyi may new tickets na kami. Delayed pa new flight namin 3PM so why would we be in a hurry? 11am kami dumating. You weren’t there kaya wag ka magsalita as if alam mo. Kasama ko senior citizens, di kami pa-entitled. Nung nagsabi ‘friend’ mo pinauna namin sya,” she said.

“I wish i could talk to the lady who was infront of us in the immigration. She knew what happened. My mom was very polite and even asked her if she could go through the other counter. When she was about to cross the yellow lane the lady cut my mom and said siya dapat,” she said.

She was also saddened that the issue became a big deal but remarked that she will stay positive and enjoy her Japan trip despite the issue.

“My mom let her pass. There was no issue. Nakakalungkot kailangan nya palakihin. Anyway, I said my piece. Off to positivity and enjoy my trip,” she added.

Alex is known for being involved in a number of issues. She was also criticized last year for having an “arrogant” attitude and “condescending” social media interactions resulting from her intriguing vlog disclaimers. Earlier this year she was almost declared persona non grata for her comments about a mayoralty candidate.

In 2015, the actress was rumored to have lost two ABS-CBN shows allegedly because of her attitude problem.


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