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Get ready for our RAWR Awards 2019!

It’s RAWRing time again.

LionhearTV has launched the fifth edition of the RAWR Awards. In celebration of its 11th anniversary, LionhearTV is once again opening its RAWR awards season.

Now on its fifth year, the RAWR Awards 2019 will honor the best and the brightest in the Philippine entertainment industry.

Expect a night of glitz, glamour, and fun as LionhearTV gives out awards to deserving actors, actresses, TV programs and movies that stood out and became the talk of the town for the year 2019.

Using the advantage of technology and social media, RAWR awards empowers netizens to choose this year’s winners alongside judges who are authorities of Philippine entertainment.

There are new voting mechanics this year and three ways to determine the winners of each category.

RAWR Awards Voting Mechanics: Here’s how Your Vote[s] get Counted

1. 33% will come from user engagements on three social media platforms: Likes on Instagram, Hearts on Facebook, and Retweets on Twitter, respectively.

To vote, log on to LionHearTV’s Facebook, IG, Twitter accounts. Click on the names of their choices.

2. The other 33% comes from the blogosphere (the blogging community that composed of 200 blogger-owners and from representatives from the selected 30 PRs).

3. Lastly, the last 33% comes from third party analytics. It will count the views generated from the keywords of the nominated celebrities, shows, and media outfits. It will run within the voting period as well.

The votes will come from three voting venues. Announcement of winners is revealed (how many weeks) on (specific date).

This year’s nominees for the RAWR Awards 2019, will be announced on October 1. Voting on our social media channels will proceed on the same date and will end on November 2.

The RAWR Awards 2019 is an annual project of LionhearTV..


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