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GMA Network’s ‘The Better Woman’ counting down its days on primetime

  • One of the Baes is expected to replace The Better Woman in its timeslot
  • GMA Network recently switched the timeslots of The Better Woman and Love You Two

GMA Network finally realized that The Better Woman‘s’ mature theme is not suited to its early timeslot. Many viewers took to Twitter when the show first started to ask that it be transferred to a later time slot due to its mature content and plot.

After its premiere on July 1, The Better Woman continued to lose against rival The General’s Daughter with a very large margin. A month later, The Better Woman was placed in the third timeslot, switching schedules with Love You Two. Many thought that it was a good move but ratings showed otherwise.

From having an average of 9.0% in the second timeslot, it was now down to 8.0% in the third timeslot according to NUTAM.

So is the show bidding goodbye soon? GMA Network has yet to announce the finale episode of the show. Meanwhile, its rumored replacement One of the Baes starring Ken Chan and Rita Daniela is already starting its promotions.


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