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“I know it is not right.” Jun ‘Dr. Love’ Banaag won’t address Vice Ganda as ma’am

“Respetohin natin sila. Gusto nila magdamit babae, magmukahang babae that’s fine, wag lang nila ipilit yung gusto nila sa atin.”

  • Bro. Jun “Dr. Love” Banaag does not support SOGIE Bill.
  • Dr. Love shared Ricky Reyes’ view on SOGIE Bill.

Radio host Bro. Jun Banaag more popularly known as Dr. Love is not keen on addressing LBGT people with their gender identity.

In an interview, Dr. Love said he will never address a person based on their feelings but on their biological gender. He used Vice Ganda as an example saying he cannot accept calling Vice as ma’am because he would look stupid.

“Hindi ko matanggap na ipa-address mo sa akin si Vice Ganda na ma’am because I would look stupid because I know it is not right,” said Dr. Love.

“You want to make 3rd, 4th gender problema mo yan. Basta sa akin gender is not based on feelings but on scientific biological facts. Titignan ko lang ang pasaporte mo pag sinabi ng pasaporte mo na you are a male, I will call you sir. Gusto mo pabago? Dun sa PSA. Kung kaya mo baguhin, pag nabago mo, congratulations then I will call you ma’am. In the meantime let’s enjoy our life, let’s respect each other. Wag na natin ipilit sa iba yung ating sariling personal na paniniwala dahil hindi tayo magkakasundo,” he added.

Dr. Love also shared that he concurs with the opinion of Ricky Reyes.

Celebrity make-up artist and gay icon Ricky Reyes recently said that he does not support the SOGIE Bill. For Reyes, gays should stop acting like real women because it demeans them, causing people to laugh and look down on them. He instead encouraged gay people to know their rightful place in the LGBT community and stop wanting to be in the place of real women.

That opinion was echoed by the DZMM host. Bro. Jun said while the bill has benefits for the LGBT community, it is not needed because we already have human rights and constitutional rights.

“May mga punto ang SOGIE bill na tingin ko ay mahihirapan ipasa dahil maraming tao na maapektuhan. May mga pnto rin na makakatulong sa mga people who came to be part of the LGBTQIA+, they will benefit from it. Pero kung ako ang tatanungin nyo di na kelangan eh. Kasi po yung mga LGBTQIA+ mga tao rin po yan eh na katulad natin. Meron tayong human rights, meron tayong mga constitutional rights, it’s just that I cannot comprehend why a man who thinks he is a woman will use the comfort room of a woman,” said Bro.Jun.

He also added that choosing the life or identity is a personal decision but it comes with consequences that they should learn to accept.

“I agree with Ricky Reyes, I do not know him personally but I agree with this man. Lumagay tayo sa dapat natin kalagyan. Kung gusto mo magdamit babae, mag itsurang babae, (ang tawag dun transgender) karapatan mo yan, pero matutunan mong tanggapin ang consequences. Nakadamit babae ka gusto mo gumamit ng restroom ng babae dahil feeling mo babae ka, pag nakalusot ka fine, pag hinarang ka lumabas ka na,” he said.

In the end, Bro. Jun said he respects the LGBT and all human beings but he does not subscribe to the fact that they should impose their belief on others.

“I respect them as they are, they are human beings, but tayo na mga taong may hustong pag-iisip ano man po decision natin sa buhay kailangan handa tayo harapin ang consequnces. Respetohin natin sila. Gusto nila magdamit babae, magmukahang babae that’s fine, wag lang nila ipilit yung gusto nila sa atin,” Dr. Love explained.


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