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Kris Aquino fires back at netizen for calling her son ‘bimbo’ and ‘sayang’

  • Kris Aquino defended her son Bimby from a netizen calling him “bimbo” and “sayang”
  • The netizen noted that Bimby had unmanly characteristics
  • Bimby is Kris’ son with ex-husband James Yap

Kris Aquino fired back at a netizen who called her son Bimby a “bimbo” and “sayang” for having unmasculine mannerisms and little social interaction.

The actress posted an update on her Instagram last Wednesday, September 4, with a photo of herself and sons Bimby and Josh having a thanksgiving dinner.

But one Instagram user started to spoil her moment when he commented that Bimby should have been raised with his father James Yap to be more manly and athletic while addressing him with the derogatory name “Bimbo”.

“@krisaquino Sayang talaga si Bimbo! Pag sa tatay nya lang lumake for sure naging athletic n more on lalake mentally. Ang hin hin nya ngayon pag lumakad at kumilos at mag salita para chismosa na tamad. Sayang talaga.”

Kris came to her son’s defense and responded that an intelligent and polite boy like her son is not a waste.

“@ado_alaskador you seem to want a fight, so straight to the chin okay? Hindi sayang ang batang magalang at matalino.”

Kris said that he should “mess” with her directly for he seemed to question her motherhood.

“Mess with me directly please because obviously yung pagiging Nanay ko ang hinuhusgahan mo, so here’s my answer—you are not in my league, earn the right first to be in my feed. And hindi mo ko na-Alaska, Alpine & Angel kami eh.”

Their heated exchange did not stop there as the netizen added that Bimby was raised “physically weak” due to his “diva lifestyle.”He said that Kris deprived him of a “normal boy’s life hood” to live a “Cinderella life”.

But Kris did not let the comment get to her and even made corrections on his statements.

“You have your fairy tales mixed up—I believe you were aiming for TANGLED. Remember Cinderella was practically enslaved by her wicked stepsisters, you proclaimed we have “diva” lifestyle, remember? Maybe Frozen is another choice? Just trying to be helpful….

“Your IQ seems deficient. Pleasant Dreams from the mother who seems to be bothering you tremendously,” Kris said, concluding the conversation.

Kris and her youngest son Bimby or James Aquino Yap are known for their endearing relationship.Kris usually brings along Bimby to most of her showbiz commitments including movies, TV commercials, and interviews.The 12-year-old actor had his movie debut in My Little Bossings (2013).


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