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LOOK: Vivoree Esclito attends the ABS-CBN Ball 2019 with an unfinished gown

The show must go on!

  • Vivoree Esclito went to the ABS-CBN Ball 2019 with an unfinished gown.
  • Netizens and supporters of Vivoree blasted the designer who didn’t finished the gown.

Kapamilya teen star Vivoree Esclito proved the familiar adage “The show must go on” to be true when she decided to attend the ABS-CBN Ball 2019 despite an unfinished gown.

Vivoree didn’t let her gown mishap stop her and still went to the charity ball wearing her red unfinished gown.

In an Instagram story posted by a user named @zaijanjaranilla1, Vivoree came to the ball with an unfinished gown because the designer failed to make it on time.

According to the post, Mak Tumang was supposed to dress Vivoree but because of personal problems, Tumang had to cancel less than a month before the ball.

Vivoree’s team then found a new designer named Dominique Dy but they were caught by surprise when the gown came in late (delivered on the same day of the ball) and still unfinished.

The designer earned the ire of Vivoree’s fans who said that the designer shouldn’t accept the job if she knew she couldn’t finish it.

“Girl, you had one job, ‘di mo pa nagawa. Sana ‘di mo  na lang tinanggap kung ‘di mo kaya tapusin or sana in-inform mo stylist ni Vivoree,” the post read.

The netizen asked fans to spare Vivoree’s stylist Van Mercado from the bashing because she was also victim of the unfortunate circumstances.

Meanwhile, Vivoree’s stylist Van Mercado also took to Twitter to share her sentiments on the incident.

She praised Vivoree and shared how she admired the star for being so calm despite the blunder.

“Shoutout to my muse @vivoree who never threw tantrums & never complained despite yesterday’s mishap…my admiration & respect for you multiplied a thousand times. You’re such an inspiration,” she said.

She also said there’s no point of explaining and defending herself because she can’t rewind what happened. She also didn’t want to come off as putting the designer in a bad light. She just asked everybody to move on because it’s already done.

“I want to explain and defend myself from all these bashings but what’s the point? Should I tell the whole story and put the designer in a bad light? No. It’s done. I can’t press ‘rewind’ to make it right. Today is a new day. Let’s all move on,” Mercado wrote.

She also thanked fans and supporters of Vivoree for being so understanding and kind. She added that had it been other fandoms she could have been heavily bashed and criticized.

“Kung ibang fandom siguro bugbog na bubog ako ngayon—I got nothing but messages of encouragement and love. Thank you all. This would be my last tweet regarding yesterday’s issue. Moving on! AJA!” she said.



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