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‘PBB Otso’ lost viewer interest in the middle of season, exec admits

  • PBB Exec admits decrease in viewership during the middle of the season.
  • PBB scored the lowest rating during the Batch 4 adults episodes.

A Pinoy Big Brother executive admitted that PBB Otso suffered from waning interest of viewers in the middle of the season.

During the press con of PBB Otso’s The Big 8, PBB Creative Head Marcus Vinuya relayed that although the show had a generally successful run, it also had low points in its 38 weeks.

“It’s very successful. We’re very happy that since this is the longest, this is also the highest number of housemates that we’ve ever had, which means marami sa kanila ang may pupuntahan talaga sa showbiz after,” he said.

While the show was another success, the PBB exec was honest about admitting that it was not a perfect run.

 “Siyempre, it’s not a perfect season, there were batches which performed better than the others in terms of ratings, we’ll be honest about that,” Vinuya continued.

“Well, based do’n sa nangyari nga, there was a point kasi na parang hindi na nila masyadong nasasakyan yung format, parang papalit palit na ng batch. So siguro, doon sa aspetong yun, na-realize din namin na baka there’s a certain limit lang talaga of the number of groups we can show per edition,” he added.

Vinuya might be referring to the Batch 4 adults’ episode.

Checking the ratings numbers for PBB Otso, Lionheartv found that its ratings were low from June 17 to June 21, 2019. During that week, PBB Otso’s ratings dipped to a single digit with the lowest reaching 7.6%.

June 17, 2019  – 8.2%
June 18, 2019 – 8.6%
June 19, 2019 – 7.6%
June 20, 2019 – 7.9%
June 21, 2019 – 9.8%

That week with an average total week rating of 8.42% is the lowest week for the whole season of PBB Otso.

After that, when the Ultimate Clash where all Big 4’s of each batch went back to the PBB started, PBB’s ratings started to go back to double digits again.


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