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Alex Diaz finally breaks silence, reveals his true sexuality

“But I sincerely thank everyone for not failing to remind me that I am human and that I too am loved.”

Amidst the controversies about Alexander Diaz, the 25-year-old actor and singer finally broke his silence and revealed his true sexuality.

Alex expressed his gratitude to the thousands of people sending him support and love messages in the wake of the propositioning issue released by the fitness coach Miguel Concha last October 17, 2019.

“Thank you for the thousands of messages of love and support all over Twitter and my message requests here on Instagram. I am going to release a full statement when the time is right but for now I would just like to say sorry and thank you.”

Furthermore, Alex sincerely apologized to his management, brands, supporters and to the people around him.

According to him, it was not his intention to hurt anyone in relation to his true sexuality, that he kept all these years to attain acceptance from the media and for the sake of his career.

He said, “I ask forgiveness from my management, the brands, supporters, friends, my family and everyone else I let down by what I did and/or who I am. I’m sorry. I was wrong in my actions and failed to uphold the values I so strongly try to convey online. It was not my intention to hurt anyone or elude the truth of who I am for all these years but rather a showbiz decisions based on the state of our nation in regards to acceptance and representation of who I am.”

In all the issues being thrown at him including a “secret relationship” with Tony Labrusca in which the latter strongly denied the rumor, Alex was still grateful to the people who chose to stay with him and remind that he’s also human.

“But I sincerely thank everyone for not failing to remind me that I am human and that I too am loved.”

Alex promised that from this moment, he will never be afraid of what others might think of him and of what might destroy his career. He will also seek help and acceptance for the bisexual community.

“Never again will I be shackled by the fear of what might be said about who I am for fear of losing my career and instead, I will seek help, heal and champion change, acceptance, and representation for the bisexual community and/or anyone who is met with prejudice in our society.”

In the last part of his statement, his fans and the brands who support him can get an assurance that he will be back stronger as soon as he is healed and when he learned to accept his true sexuality.

He emphasized: “My passion is performing, making people happy & making people smile. My only hope is that I can continue to use this platform to do such in whatever new path this universe-given experience has opened up for me. For now, I will rest, reevaluate and come back stronger and better than ever.”

thank you for the thousands of messages of love and support all over twitter and my message requests here on instagram….

Posted by Alex Diaz on Monday, October 21, 2019

The revelation of Miguel Chanco, who received the proposition from the actor has led the latter to release an official statement, confessing his bisexuality.

Alex is currently in a relationship with British-Filipina model Maria Daniella Hake who chose to remain silent amidst all the controversy.





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