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Clint Bondad defends transwoman Anne Jakrajutatip from negative comments: ‘Can’t force understanding’

Just recently, Clint defended his transwoman billionaire friend and ‘sidekick’ Anne Jakrajutatip against negative comments.

The former boyfriend of Catriona Gray, Clint Bondad, has been controversial for quite some time now for being vocal about his opinions.

Just recently, Clint defended his transwoman billionaire friend and ‘sidekick’ Anne Jakrajutatip against negative comments.

While he calmly responded to netizens, Clint insisted that he can’t force understanding if people choose to label Anne as ‘that trans,’ ‘yong trans na yan,’ ‘bakla’ as it seems to be diminishing and discriminating.

“Give then all time and understanding. It’s technically US wanting something from them. It will only come with compassion. Can’t force understanding.”

One of the IG users commented on Clint’s photo with Anne and suggested that it would be better to turn off the comment section due to endless negative comments. Clint opposed this idea and considered discussion is needed.

“Never. Discussion is needed to evolve and will continue regardless if not there then somewhere else. Only cutting it off when someone would get hurt through my influence. I always ask for permission and explain what to expect if needed. But I also make mistakes. Peace. Love. Happiness.”

Clint on the issue of having a romantic relationship with Anne

When one of the netizens asked Clint if there was a chance of him getting back with Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, the Fil-German model now actor immediately responded, “Give up.”

His comment has led the followers to think that he’s having a romantic relationship with Anne, since they have several photos together whenever he travels to Thailand.

Here are some of Clint’s photos with Anne posted by the latter:

In addition to that, Anne expressed her gratitude towards Clint for whole-heartedly accepting her and called the actor “my dear.”

Anne Jakrajutatip of JKN Global Media

Anne is the CEO of JKN Global Media in Thailand founded in 2013.

She also won as Asia Media Women of the Year during Content Asia Summit 2019. Being the top content management and distribution company in Thailand, Anne has been dealing with the two leading networks in the Philippines: ABS-CBN and GMA network.

Through the help of Anne’s company, ABS-CBN was able to show ‘Got To Believe,’ ‘The Legal Wife,’ and ‘Bridges of Love’ in Thailand. Moreover, GMA Network shows like ‘Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real,’ ‘My Faithful Husband,’ and ‘Beautiful Strangers’ also aired in Thailand through JKN Global Media.


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