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Clint Bondad denies his IG post is intended for Catriona Gray’s rumored new beau

Apparently, this is not the first time that Clint has posted on social media about relationships.

Clint Bondad gave some unsolicited advice for women about breaking up in his Instagram post.  As per Clint, women should be concise about breaking up if it’s indefinite or definite because it’s confusing for some men like him.

Moreover, Clint has stated that it’s not ideal for men to date a “confused girl” who just came from a breakup, as you may be caught off guard.

A netizen asked Clint if this was all about his ex Catriona Gray’s rumored boyfriend. But the GMA actor and model immediately denied and said there are always rumors, don’t read everything too much into things because people like to be know-it-alls.

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Girls/ladies, if you tell your boy or man or boy toy that you want a break, it translates into "break UP till not" for us guys. DON'T expect us to do nothing! Unless we discussed certain ground rules. No rules equalz no boundaries. Baby pleeeaase! If you don't open your mouth and say something or give us a timeline or something then it's automatically counted as indefinitely. Be clear! This is NOT one of those I-expect- you-to-read-my-mind-moments! We guys don't function that way! This process is very mechanical for us. We refuse to try and understand you without words. Especially if it's you who asks for it cause life currently seems a bit confusing for you and your cute little head. It's against our pride to play gorgeous broom in the broom chamber. About us GUYS… DON'T go off dating an ex or even just SOMEONE who your confused girl considers to be an ex of yours! Apparently that ain't healthy for you, your safety and response rate hahaha Use this information wisely. It might safe you some headache, a long learning curve and random dumb laughter in the middle of the night. HAHAHA ENJOY, Your dear kuya Clint

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Apparently, this is not the first time that Clint has posted on social media about relationships. At the time he and Catriona parted ways, Clint also posted to take full responsibility for the breakup, telling the public that he had failed.

DLSU Player Jordan Bartlett and Catriona Gray

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