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Gretchen Barretto reveals that Marjorie was the cause of dad’s heart attack

Gretchen bravely answered the netizen’s inquiry and said: “Because Marjorie did not invite my mom to the gathering & that’s what caused my dad’s attack.”

The recent feud between the Barretto sisters has led Gretchen Barretto to spill a shocking revelation about Marjorie.

A netizen noticed that their mother Inday Barretto was not part of the photo uploaded by Marjorie during their father’s birthday.

Gretchen bravely answered the netizen’s inquiry and said: “Because Marjorie did not invite my mom to the gathering & that’s what caused my dad’s attack.”

Aside from the controversial scuffle that happened at The Heritage Park, in Taguig, Gretchen also confirmed she will file a case against her nephew for carrying a gun during the commotion which could be considered as a threat.

Marjorie said she plans to ‘speak the truth’ once their father has been laid to rest. This is to combat every issue and statement released by her sisters Gretchen and Claudine against her.

Meanwhile, here’s the rundown of Barretto sisters’ feud over the years:

  • 2004 – Marjorie’s previous husband Dennis Padilla got upset by Willie Revillame’s sudden network transfer to then Cojuangco-owned ABC 5. Gretchen had started dating Tony Boy Cojuangco then while the family sided with Dennis on the issue.
  • 2006 – Gretchen was not at Claudine and Raymart Santiago’s wedding in Tagaytay City. Then, they accidentally met at a grocery store and Claudine confirmed that they forgave each other and patched things up. In the same year, Marjorie also spoke up and confirmed that they’re all on speaking terms.
  • 2010 – Gretchen revealed on ABS-CBN’s The Buzz with Boy Abunda that she had another conflict with Claudine due to her Maalala Mo Kaya episode. Claudine took it personally and got mad since the show was going up against hers at GMA network that time. Gretchen tried to invite Claudine to her birthday but she was ignored by her younger sister.
  • In 2011, Gretchen and Claudine accidentally met each other again at their mother’s condominium unit, and without uttering a word, they just hugged each other.
  • 2013 – Gretchen and Marjorie teamed up to fight Julia’s basher whom they soon hinted was their possibly their sister Claudine. Inday Barretto defended Claudine and called Gretchen as a liar. 2013 was also a rough year for Claudine, when Gretchen testified against Claudine in regards to the latter’s children custody with Raymart.
  • 2014- Claudine filed a case against Gretchen. Gretchen has stated: “pain and shame of being part of a conflicted and dysfunctional family.”
  • 2015 – After all the controversies about their family, Claudine and Marjorie have decided to patch things up between them during Julia’s debut party.

In March 2019, Gretchen defended Kier Legaspi when the latter was not invited to his daughter Dani’s wedding. Dani is Marjorie’s eldest child.

Gretchen also showed support for Bea Alonzo after her break-up with Gerald Anderson, the reason for which was supposedly her niece Julia.

While the Barretto patriarch was cremated last Saturday October 19, and finally laid to rest, the issue between the Barretto sisters don’t seem to be ending any time soon.

Here are some of Claudine’s Instagram posts while waiting for the ashes of their father Miguel Barretto.


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