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‘One of the Baes,’ ‘The Killer Bride’ in a tight competition in NUTAM

NUTAM only gets their data from selected urban areas in the Philippines.

GMA Network’s ‘One of the Baes‘ is giving ‘The Killer Bride‘ a good competition based on the latest ratings released by NUTAM for the period of October 7 to 11, 2019.

One of the Baes‘ topbilled by Rita Daniella and Ken Chan was able to score two wins while Maja Salvador’s ‘The Killer Bride‘ won three. ‘One of the Baes‘ was steady at 8.2% for four days (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) while ‘The Killer Bride‘ peaked at 8.5% last Thursday (October 10) and registered its lowest at 8.0% last Wednesday (October 9).

In ‘The Killer Bride,’ Emma makes it clear that she only wants to be friends despite Elias’ sweet surprise. Soon after, Emma’s simple lunch out with the Dela Torres turns into a disaster when Marvin’s family barges into the restaurant. Luciano trades punches with Marvin’s brother, while Emma protects Alice at her own expense.

Elsewhere, Camila takes Fabio to her birthplace, dropping revelations about her mother’s death. Later on, Fabio finds a way to infiltrate the Dela Cuestas.

While rejoicing over Felipe’s ordeal, Camila learns that Fabio managed to penetrate the Dela Cuesta household. Soon, she shows her rage towards her partner for interfering in her revenge plans. Meanwhile, Tsoknut comes across an important detail regarding Emma.

She then informs Elias about it and decides to throw a surprise birthday celebration for the young lady. Elsewhere, Antonia gets smitten by their new family driver.

Here are the NUTAM People Ratings from October 7 to October 11:

Monday (October 7) One of the Baes 8.2% vs. The Killer Bride 8.1%
Tuesday (October 8) One of the Baes 8.0% vs. The Killer Bride 8.1%
Wednesday (October 9) One of the Baes 8.2% vs. The Killer Bride 8.0%
Thursday (October 10) One of the Baes 8.2% vs. The Killer Bride 8.5%
Friday (October 11) One of the Baes 8.2% vs. The Killer Bride 8.3%


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