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‘Sandugo’ maintains wide lead versus ‘Madrasta’ in NUTAM

NUTAM only gets their data from selected urban areas in the Philippines.

Sandugo’ maintained its lead versus its rival show on GMA Network ‘Madrasta‘ based on the ratings released by NUTAM for week October 14 to Octobert 18.

Sandugo‘ opened the week (October 14) with 6.0% versus ‘Madrasta’s‘ 4.0%. The two rival shows suddenly decreased on Tuesday (October 15) to 5.0% and 3.8% respectively.

Sandugo’ reached its peak on Thursday (October 17) with 8.8% while ‘Madrasta‘ was steady at 6.3% for two days (October 17 and 18).

In ‘Sandugo,’ Ofie finds herself in danger after being captured by Adolfo while she was about to retrieve Bernardo’s money and important documents. She later comes face to face with Ulysses, begging him to spare her life. JC, meanwhile, invites Leo to come with him to Sitio Lahar. He later puts his plans on hold upon learning that Ofie is nowhere to be found. JC then decides to look for her, making Joan worry for his safety.

Joan breaks into tears upon recalling the moment she sold Aris. Haunted by her mistake, Joan grows determined to seek justice against Dante. JC hopes to continue his undercover mission at the Empire Hotel after getting reinstated. Ulysses is hell-bent on finding the NBI agent who spearheaded the successful raid on his human trafficking operation. Fortunately, Leo comes up with a solution to help their illegal business recover.

Here are the NUTAM People Ratings from October 14 to October 18:

Monday (October 14) Madrasta 4.0% vs. Sandugo 6.0%
Tuesday (October 15) Madrasta 3.8% vs. Sandugo 5.0%
Wednesday (October 16) Madrasta 4.9% vs. Sandugo 7.0%
Thursday (October 17) Madrasta 6.3% vs. Sandugo 8.8%
Friday (October 18) Madrasta 6.3% vs. Sandugo 7.8%


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