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Andre Brouillette and Lou Yanong off to Hawaii in 2020 to meet the actor’s family

“I definitely want to bring her to Hawaii.”

Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Otso housemates Andre Brouillette and Lou Yanong are planning to go to Hawaii next year.

On the sidelines of the LionheartTV’s 5th RAWR Awards Night at the Core Bar in Quezon City, Andre revealed their plan to go to Hawaii in 2020 so “Lou can meet his family.”

“I definitely want to bring her (Lou) to Hawaii. I want to show her Hawaii because I’m from there. All my family are there and she hasn’t met my family yet,” Andre said.

Lou, for her part, said, “I’m so excited.”

“I just hope my nose won’t bleed,” she quipped while giggling.

The celebrity couple’s parents had already met outside the PBB house, while the pair was still inside. They had dinner together after the meeting. The video of their meeting went viral on social media earlier.

In the video, it can be heard that the two housemates’ parents were talking about their children and their plans once the couple is out of the house.

But despite the closeness of the pair’s parents, Lou and Andre admitted that getting married has not yet crossed their minds.

“We want to take things slow. But we love each other,” Andre said.

“We’ve been together just seven months. We like to take things slow. Kahit hindi (kami) mukhang slow,” Lou jokingly said.

Andre and Lou became controversial after their torrid kissing was caught on cam inside the Big Brother house.

The two became a couple before they left the Big Brother house last May.

The pair was part of the second batch of “Pinoy Big Brother: Otso’s Big Four,” together with Yamyam Gucong and Fumiya Sankai.

Lou and Andre, or simply “LouDre” for their fans, were named Favorite Newbie at the recent RAWR Awards.

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