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Claudia Barretto, emotional over Julia’s detractors

Julia and Claudia Barretto interview each other about life, family, and controversies

  • Julia Barretto and her sister Claudia opened up about their thoughts on life, family, and controversies
  • Julia admitted that negative comments thrown at her somehow forced her to believe them
  • Claudia commended her sister for being a good person to her friends and family

Julia Barretto recently exchanged questions and thoughts about life, family, and controversies with younger sister, Claudia, on her YouTube blog.

One of the first questions Julia asked Claudia was: “What do you feel every time I’m caught up in a controversy or you hear rumors about me?”

Knowing that Julia has been involved in a number of issues, Claudia said that she was angered by this.

“It makes me angry like I said because I know you and I know your heart and I know your intentions and because they don’t understand you the way that I do. Sometimes it surprises me how they can say certain things about you, they don’t really know much,” she told Julia.

“I think very few things make me very angry and one that is particular that comes to mind when you say angry is when you say people that I love get hurt and it’s the kind of anger that makes me wanna cry like burst into tears because I feel like I need to do something about it,” Claudia added.

Julia was recently linked to Gerald Anderson and Bea Alonzo’s breakup. Following this, the actress has been subjected to heavy criticisms online.

Claudia then asked Julia about what it takes to say that she has lived a “meaningful life.”

Julia responded, “I’m afraid to answer that because I know that once people watch this and they watch me answer this, I know there are a lot of things that could be said about me and contradict whatever I’d be saying next.”

With all of the allegations thrown at her, the 22-year-old actress admitted that she has somehow formed disbelief in herself.

“It’s scary because sometimes even if you know yourself so much and I always say that it’s important to know yourself because no matter how much people say about you, you’re never gonna believe it because you know yourself. Sometimes when you hear something about yourself from other people so consistently, so frequently you started to believe a little bit,” Julia shared.

But after being convinced by Claudia to not let criticisms have a lasting effect on her, Julia said that she lives to “serve her siblings, her mother, and her family in exchange of nothing.”

“I know that I was really able to something good,” Julia said.

Claudia then turned emotional as she opened up about her gratefulness towards her sister for all the sacrifices she has made for her, her siblings, and their mother Marjorie.

“You’re always there for us,” Claudia told Julia during the rare Q&A video.

“Whenever feel like you can make anyone’s life easier, you do it. And you’re so young. Most people I know your age or my age, they don’t go through half the things we go through. I think you’re living a meaningful life so far.”

Claudia commended her sister for “being a good sister, a good daughter, and a good friend.”

The sisters also talked about the influence their mom Marjorie had instilled in their lives.

“I cannot imagine my life without mom. I don’t think I could be the person that I am without the things that she has instilled when I was growing up and unconsciously we don’t even realize we follow it,” Julia said.

Claudia then added, “She’s the one person that I know that can carry the most difficult conversations with such grace.”

“And I just don’t know how she’s still standing up on her two feet like it’s insane,” Julia said.

Claudia said that instead of “fighting battles that are not worth it,” their mom focuses on their family’s happiness.

“Like I told you before, instead of acting upon the painful things and responding to painful experiences by battling it with other painful experiences, instead of fighting battles that are not worth it, what she does is she exhausts her energy and her time on things that will make her family happy,” Claudia said to Julia.

Last month, Marjorie and her sisters Claudine and Gretchen figured in a scuffle during the wake of their father, Miguel Barretto. After the fight, the sisters then traded barbs on social media throwing various accusations against each other.


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