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Hello K-Idol Final Four’s Korean Idol Training Begins

JP Soliva, Kheene Salas, Guion Antonio and Yukito Kanai finally begin their K-Pop Idol training at Rainbowbridge World.

The second episode begins with a bright smile from Guion. It is morning and they already finished having breakfast.

They are getting ready to leave for RBW. He talks about the difficulties of not being able to read the labels of the toiletries provided. “We can guess,” JP adds, “who knows, the body wash is already on your hair.”

Despite the smiles and laughter, this is a big day for them. It’s their first Artist and Repertoire (A&R) Evaluation.

“I’m very nervous because we will sing and perform in front of the RBW higher ups,” Kheene admits. “I’m expecting that they will be really strict. But we prepared for our assessment today,” he expresses, “so I feel we can do the assessment today and with the training.” JP agrees with their youngest’s expectations, “I’m really expecting the training here to be hard.”

“Let’s do our best for our families, for our friends, for the team, and the Philippines,” Guion tells the others. They cheer together before heading out.

After getting a tour of the RBW building, they express their gratitude for the opportunity.

“We are lucky to be part of this training program and we will do our best,” Kheene promises.

“We are going to start already and we are so excited,” JP adds.

“Thank you so much for making our dreams come true and thank you so much to RBW for welcoming us here as family as well,” Guion says.

Yukito explains that they cannot vlog inside the RBW building but that their training proper will be seen through exclusive content Hello K-Idol The Winners’ Journey – Seoul, produced by Rainbowbridge World themselves. This will be available soon on Viu.

They receive harsh feedback during their evaluation, but they take it all positively as they acknowledge needing to know where they are lacking in order to improve. “You want to be world-class top artists, right?” asks the RBW management. “In order for you to do that, you have to know that you are lacking.” Together with their Korean trainers, the boys set out to learn the basics, unlearn the bad habits they’ve previously acquired, and gain more knowledge in what it takes to be a K-Pop idol.

The episode ends with the boys returning to their dorm, exhausted after a long day of evaluation followed by training after training. “Next time this part will only last 10 seconds,” Kheene jokes. “We’re really drained,” Yukito chimes in. “Yes, we’re so tired already,” JP agrees.

Episodes of Hello K-Idol ExclusiVlogs are available every Saturday at 9 p.m. PHT. Catch the full episode here. (


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