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Is Raymond Bagatsing sexually fluid? “I find men good looking”

“So, I asked myself, ano ba? I find men good looking. I find gays good looking, I find peoples’ heart best looking, so hindi ko masasabi ‘yun (gay siya).”

For his upcoming movie Love is Love with Jay Manalo for the Metro Manila Film Festival, Raymond Bagatsing was asked about his sexuality. The actor explained that he appreciates everyone and gender does not really matter the next time he falls in love.

“I don’t know! Mahirap magsalita ng tapos, eh. All I know is I appreciate everyone, I appreciate people, human beings, feelings, I appreciate love. Matagal ko ng tinatanong ‘yan being an artist kasi I’m very close to a lot of gay people, actually to my best friends, I’m very close to men, macho alike. I’m very close to a lot of girls, platonic, or it could be in a relationship it doesn’t really matter. So, I asked myself, ano ba? I find men good looking. I find gays good looking, I find peoples’ heart best looking, so hindi ko masasabi ‘yun (gay siya).”

To explain himself, he used his favorite actor James Dean as an example.

Raymond shared: “James Dean na napakalalim na aktor at magaling mag-portray ng character, one time sabi niya sa best friend nia, ‘I want to try to be in a relationship to go to bed with a man. How can I feel if I’m given a role as a homosexual, how can I do it, so parang ginawa nga niya, but he was a man.”

During the media conference for his Love Is Love, Raymond asserted that he is not confused about his gender, he just doesn’t want to label his sexuality. He firmly believes that life is a journey and he is open for possibilities as well as opportunities.

“I don’t think I’m confused, I just don’t like [putting] myself [in] a category or I don’t like to limit myself who I am, because marami pang growth as a human being. Hindi pa tapos ang buhay ko, may bukas pa, may next week pa, so I don’t know what to discover, life for me is a discovery. It’s a journey na hindi ko puwedeng isarado at sabihin sa madla na ito lang ako kasi baka bukas may madagdag sa akin o may mabawasan sa akin.”

Raymond’s past loves

Raymond once married Lara Fabregas, the only daughter of veteran actor Jaime Fabregas, in 2001 in Tagaytay. Unfortunately in the following year, there were rumors that they were having trouble due to their character differences. Raymond confirmed their breakup in January 2003 after their trip to Bali.

The award-winning actor later got married to Cora Pastrana in Los Angeles, California where former cabinet member Oscar Orbos and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo were the principal sponsors during their wedding.

Back then, 60-year-old Cora worked as a columnist for Filipino Express,  Filipino Press San Diego and New Jersey, and Weekend Balita.

Raymond just broke up with a woman six months ago after a seven-year relationship. He also admitted during his film’s media conference that he was going through depression.

He shares: “I just came out of a relationship… six months ago. Actually, I’ve been going through something important. I’ve been going through depression for a long time. Pero yung depression na iyon is, I think, channeled towards my craft. Kaya mas lumalalim yung pag-intindi ko sa aking mga roles.”


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