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‘Starla’ still leads in its time slot versus ‘The Gift’

NUTAM only gets their data from selected urban areas in the Philippines.

Alden Richards’ ‘The Gift’ still lagged behind ‘Starla’ based on the latest data released by NUTAM for the week of October 28 to November 1.

The Gift‘ opened the week with 9.5% versus ‘Starla‘s’ 14.2%. ‘The Gift’ was able to register 9.9%, its peak of the week on Tuesday (October 29) while ‘Starla’ went down to 13.2%.

The Gift’ ended the week with 9.0% while ‘Starla had 12.8%.

In this week’s ‘Starla,’ Buboy and Starla decide to use the latter’s power in hopes of helping Ruben. Seeing his townmate’s life in danger, Philip offers some advice to Ruben’s family. Left with no other choice, they resolve to give up their land in order to save the sick man. Meanwhile, upon realizing how much they could earn from selling off their properties, some residents of Barrio Maulap have a change of heart. Despite being dead set against the Rosales Group’s schemes, Greggy congratulates Teresa for her accomplishment.

Starla falls into Jepoy’s clutches once again. Left with no choice, Buboy has to follow Jepoy’s wishes. At Nebula, the baby stars are alarmed upon hearing a desperate boy wishing for Starla. Meanwhile, intense bickering continues between Teresa and Philip.

Here are the NUTAM People Ratings from October 28 to November 1:

Monday (October 28) The Gift 9.5% vs. Starla 14.2%
Tuesday (October 29) The Gift 9.9% vs. Starla 13.2%
Wednesday (October 30) The Gift 9.2% vs. Starla 14.1%
Thursday (October 31) The Gift 9.6% vs. Starla 13.1%
Friday (November 1) The Gift 9.0% vs. Starla 12.8%


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