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‘The Clash’ contestant Jeniffer Maravilla’s failed whistle attempt goes viral

This failed whistle attempt put her in the bottom two of the competition together with Lorraine Galvez.

It was a good start for ‘The Clash‘ contestant Jeniffer Maravilla’s performance of Ex Battalion’s ‘Hayaan Mo Sila’ until she belted out a high note towards the end of her performance.

Even the journey hosts of the competition Ken Chan and Rita Daniela and the other contestants seemed shocked at the contestant’s failed whistle attempt that put her in the bottom two of the competition together with Lorraine Galvez.

She was saved by the judges during  Saturday night’s elimination but she still got criticisms from the reality talent show’s judges.

Lani Misalucha lauded Jeniffer’s performance and at the same time, told her to be careful. “I’m really impressed doon sa pagkanta mo at pagbigay ng sarili mong interpretasyon sa kanta na yon. So congratulations. We love it. I love it. Just be careful next time, ha!” Lani said.

Christian Bautista also gave his impression on Jeniffer’s performance, “I’m sad doon sa that note na hindi na-hit, kasi from the beginning ’til that note, parang, ‘Oh my God, this is such a good performance,’ and then that note happened. But the good thing with The Clash is you still have a chance. Just in case, get ready for your next fight.”

This performance immediately went viral as some netizens made fun of it while others appealed viewers to also watch the full performance, not just the viral clip.





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