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Triple Chain Mobile Official Launch: Arrival of New Hero Lassard

TRIPLECHAIN – Strategy & Puzzle RPG offers strategic gameplay where players must chain their path to victory. The game is a fusion of casual puzzle and RPG strategy that new and seasoned gamer will love! It has a magnitude of game features that include challenging story modes, PvP and PvE content and a Hero Collection System. The game allows you to choose from tons of heroes to help you progress and conquer different story chapters that suit your game style.

Triple Chain Mobile: Strategy and Puzzle RPG – distributed by Cubinet Interactive, a member of 7Senses Group, will officially launch on 21 November 2019!

The grand arrival of the new fire element hero [Lassard] brings a series of celebrations and exclusive levels. Veteran and New Players just have to login to obtain SR hero shards as well as other goodies.

Get high ranks in the challenge in order to receive gem rewards to help everyone’s team grow rapidly.

All new fire element hero – Rises from the ashes!

The new hero Lassard official joins the ranks! Lassard is a fire type element hero with both high attack and high recovery. She also has auxiliary skills that can increase defense and recovery. Lassard’s exclusive event stage brings new challenging monsters.

The monsters players will encounter are rather unique and require special strategy in defeating. They can only be defeated under the condition that their mini counterparts are destroyed which in the process creates the damage needed to defeat these special monsters.

Players will need to bring their A-game to prepare and execute strategies in order to get pass the stage!

Multitude of levels – Challenge them with your own way!

This new version of the game also comes with new adventure levels for a grand total of 10 new levels for the players to challenge. Completion of these new levels will grant players with hero shards, gems, weapon materials and other rewards.

Once a player has obtained the full stars for a stage, they are able to access [Challenge] levels. The [Challenge] levels are much harder than normal levels. To clear them, you will need to strategize and bring heroes that can work well together! Clearing these [Challenge] levels and you will be rewarded handsomely. It is worth a try!

In addition, the in-game pub system allows players to freely spar with heroes from other players. Players can utilize this opportunity in order to test out different heroes to gauge their strengths and weaknesses. Players can mix and match in order to find out the best combination that fits into their team in order to achieve victory.

New boss dungeon arriving! Clear the dungeon to obtain rare fashion materials!

New boss dungeon [Judicator of the Snow Cave] is released. The boss this time is a Commander-in-Chief. The monsters in this level are very challenging. Heroes need to strike continuously and strike hard in order to break their defense.

Clearing this level will reward you with a super rare material [Golden Lion]. You can go through the blacksmith with the material in order to create [Commander Berserker] fashion. Once you have obtained the fashion, you will also get special attribute bonus! Want to obtain more power and further the strength of your heroes? Hurry up and defeat this dungeon to enjoy your spoils of war!

Lassard grand arrival – Multitude of events waiting for you!

To celebrate the arrival of our newest hero, we specially prepare some events for you to reap some rewards. You just have to login everyday to enjoy these rewards.

As a token of appreciation towards veteran players as well as new players, if the player has hit a certain milestone in their level, they will be able to get free gem rewards! These gems can be used to summon new heroes or buy some rare materials. It is indispensable in order to strengthen your team.

Besides, there is also a new event surrounding the summoning of our newest hero Lassard. During summoning, once you have accumulated a certain number of points, you will be able to get free Lassard shards!

If you want to know more interesting events and information regarding the game, please look for us in our official fan group for the latest news!

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