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Anggun: Asian talents are now gaining growing attention worldwide

“More than ever, the world has their eyes on Asia and on Asian talents,” Anggun says.

Indonesian-born singer Anggun said Asian talents have recently gained more attention than ever before.

“More than ever, the world has their eyes on Asia and on Asian talents. The world has yet to know more and more what’s going on here,” Anggun said in her acceptance speech at the 24th Asian Television Awards on January 11.

The singer said, “This new year, new decade, is for Asia and for Asian talents.”

Anggun cited a South Korean program that is now conquering the world.

“You know there is The Masked Singer,’ which is a concept coming from South Korea and now it’s making its way all around the world. And I’m blessed to be in the judging panel as well for The Masked Singer’ in France,” she said.

“May we (Asian talents) drive and may we shine not only in this crazy beautiful continent but also all around the world,” she added.

Just recently, the South Korean thriller film, Parasite, won the Best Foreign Language Film at the 77th Golden Globe Award, which is an American film awards ceremony. It was the first time that a Korean-language film was ever nominated for Golden Globes. Parasite also just picked up several Oscars nominations.

During the red carpet interview at the 24th Asian TV Awards, Anggun also urged all Asians to embrace being an Asian.

“Stay true to yourself because there’s only one of us and you know being Asian is something that we need to grasp and we need to embrace because there are not many Asians out there,” the “Asia’s Got Talent” judge noted.

Anggun bagged the award for Outstanding Contribution to Asian Television Performing Arts at the 24th Asian TV Awards that was held at the Newport Performing Arts Theater, Resorts World Manila in Pasay City.

Anggun is one of the very few Asian entertainers who has earned international acclaim.

In 1994, she embarked on her international career and moved to France where her single, “La Neige au Sahara,” launched her into the European spotlight.

Anggun released the English version, “Snow on the Sahara,” in 33 countries and her debut album sold over two million copies and received Triple-Platinum, Platinum, and Gold sales awards in Italy, France, and Switzerland, respectively.

“Snow on the Sahara” reached the Billboard Dance Charts’ Top 15 and Billboard Pop Songs Charts’ Top 20 in the United States, making her the world’s best-selling Asian female artist outside of Asia.

She also composed and sang the theme song for The Transporter II, the first Asian-born artist to do so for a #1 US box office film.

Anggun’s immense contributions to the global music industry was recognized by the French government, and she was awarded the prestigious “Chevalier des Arts et Lettres.”

She also received a World Music Award in Monaco for the World’s Best-Selling Asian Artist.

In 2016, Anggun unveiled her wax figure at the prestigious Madame Tussauds museum in Bangkok, becoming the first Indonesian female artist to achieve this honor.

She is also known globally as a humanitarian activist, representing the UN Food and Agriculture Organization as a goodwill ambassador.


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