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Be Still Our Beating Hearts: Justin Bieber Joins TikTok

Justin Bieber officially joins TikTok

MANILA, JANUARY 10, 2020 – Is it too late now to say sorry that we’re not sorry?
Justin Bieber is officially on TikTok! On the cusp of releasing his highly anticipated new album, the hearthrob who we’ve loved for over a decade posted his video.

The effect is used in the TikTok trend where users share their own transformations and glow-ups. Currently already has over 2.3M followers. Check him out at @justinbieber.

@justinbieberDO YOUR YUMMY VIDEO♬ Yummy – Justin Bieber

The short-form video app empowers others to be themselves and express their creative ideas through a suite of editing tools and creative effects. No matter what music you’re dancing to, TikTok is where you’ll find light-hearted, joyful and eccentric videos that you might not see anywhere else.


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