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Meet the 7 Pinoys who became Internet sensations in 2019

Here’s a look at seven Pinoys who went viral last year.

Many average people became overnight sensations because of their talent, some luck, and the power of the Internet.

Here’s a look at seven Pinoys who went viral last year.

• Dante Gulapa

Dante Gulapa quickly became everyone’s favorite macho dancer in 2019. He became an internet sensation after posting a video of himself dancing provocatively. He was famous for his gyrating moves and the eagle dance step, which were then edited to a number of different songs. His popularity stayed mostly because everyone loved his good personality and genuine talent.

• Mimiyuuuh

Mimiyuuuh got her break from her dancing to This Band’s “Kahit Ayaw Mo Na,” but what really shot her to fame was her hilarious facial reactions to Allmo$t’s “Dalagang Pilipina.” The video went viral and people replicated her gestures through the “Dalagang Pilipina” challenge.” Even celebrities posted their own take of the challenge. Because of that one video, Mimiyuuuh became a YouTube superstar. She has already amassed over a million subscribers on YouTube in just over six months since she started vlogging in March 2019.

• “Hipon Girl” Herlene Budol

“Hipon Girl” is a rising online celebrity who started as a contestant of Wowowin‘s Will of Fortune segment. Because of her wit and cool personality during the contest, her video became viral, garnering more than 4 million views in just two days. This prompted Wowowin to get her as one of the show’s co-hosts.

• Marjorry “Majo” Lingat

Nine-year-old Marjorry ” Majo” Lingat or “You Do Note Girl” became an online sensation after imitating the characters in Kadenang Ginto, a drama show that is big on over-the-top confrontations. Marjorry did her best to copy the scene between Dimples Romana and Francine Diaz, but a bit of her accent slipped through, resulting in a video that people could not stop laughing about and sharing. This year, Marjorry is expected to guest as co-host in ABS-CBN’s Matanglawin hosted by Kim Atienza.

• Brianna and Samantha Rubia

A pair of Filipina sisters made it to 2019’s top tweets. Brianna’s tweeted a video of her parents swooning and cheering as her sister Samantha sang “Part of Your World” from Disney’s A Little Mermaid was 2019’s most-liked and most-retweeted post in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, one of Samantha’s own tweets also went viral and eventually became the most retweeted with comments for 2019. Her video shared on Twitter showed she tried to win her crush over by pretending to have allergies and singing immediately after.

A lot of netizens were quick to make their own versions and parodies of Samantha’s tweet.

• Carlos Edriel Yulo

Carlos Edriel Yulo first gained widespread attention online after he became the first Filipino gymnast to win a gold medal in the 49th FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Championship in Germany last October. The 19-year-old athlete only created his official Twitter page on December 3 and it quickly gained thousands of followers. He became more popular on social media platform after he posted his excitement about getting a greeting from singer Mark Bautista on Twitter. His followers were apparently not happy about it, criticizing Mark for allegedly “flirting” with the gymnast. But Carlos defended the singer, saying “kindness, message of encouragement and appreciation is not a sign of flirting.”


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