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What went wrong? 9 Most Memorable and Viral TV Fails of 2019

Here are the most memorable TV fails of 2019…

In 2019, eagle-eyed viewers were able to notice epic fail scenes from both ABS-CBN and GMA Network shows which quickly went viral online.

Here are the most memorable TV fails of 2019:

Sahaya. Netizens poked fun at Mylene Dizon’s hospital scene.

Instead of being touched by the dramatic scenario in Sahaya, many viewers were distracted by a noticeable medical mistake in the drama series. Mylene’s character Manisan Arati, the mother of Sahaya, fell into a coma after being hit by a truck.

What netizens noticed was the odd way the ventilator tube was used since Mylene was seemingly sipping it like a straw. It was also evident in the picture that the tube was not held in place by tape or with an endotracheal tube holder, making the scene a far cry from the real scenario.

Wowowin. A child contestant greeted his Kapamilya idols in a Wowowin segment.

A Wowowin video made rounds online after a kid contestant said he idolized Kapamilya actors Ronnie Alonte and Coco Martin. The show’s host, Willie Revillame, was interviewing a grade one student named Jed in the Willie of Fortune segment.

Willie was taken aback when the kid started name-dropping celebrities from the rival TV network, ABS-CBN.

“Sinong paborito mong artista?” Willie asked Jed, who then answered: “Si Cardo po,” which drew laughter from the audience.

Willie then asked Jed to greet his idols. The boy then shouted: “What’s up, madlang people!” – a famous tagline in the ABS-CBN noontime show It’s Showtime.

FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. Judy Ann Santos’ character was shot several times but had no bloodstains.

A shooting scene in Ang Probinsyano had netizens laughing when several policemen, including Cardo Dalisay (Coco Martin), were looking for Jane (Judy Ann). She was supposed to surrender but her “Kuya” alter-ego kicked in and tried to escape.

Police S/Insp. Amir Marquez (Arron Villaflor), who was standing behind Jane, started firing shots at her. The other policemen also fired shots at her, causing Jane’s death at the scene. However, the screenshot uploaded on Facebook did not show any bloodstains nor any trace of a gunshot wound on Judy Ann’s back. The caption said, “SHOT 4 TIMES AT THE BACK. NO GUNSHOT WOUNDS. BUT DIES.”

The uploader quipped, “Mahirap kasi alisin yung mantsa sa tshirt. Kidding aside, galing ng acting ni Mumshie Juday.”

The Better Woman. A scene with Andrea Torres goes viral due to continuity problems.

A Facebook user with the name San Fernando Pampanga uploaded an eight-second clip from a scene in The Better Woman episode aired on September 12, 2019.

The clip showed Andrea’s character Juliet talking to her twin sister, Jasmine, who was handcuffed and gagged with a hanky.

Juliet removed the hanky from Jasmine’s mouth so she could answer.

The Facebook user noticed that Juliet’s top was different from the shot when she removed Jasmine’s hanky.

Juliet was first seen wearing a brown spaghetti-strapped blouse.

In the next shot where she removed the hanky, Juliet wore a white floral top. After removing the hanky, the next shot showed Juliet once again wearing the brown top.

The Facebook user wrote in the caption, “Pinagloloko tayo ng GMA. Bakit iba yung damit nung nagtanggal ng panyo??”

Beautiful Justice. Gabbi Garcia walking while unconscious and the “bulletproof” plastic drums

A video of a shooting scene in GMA Network’s primetime drama action teleserye Beautiful Justice had netizens frustrated and laughing at the same time.The scene showed an unconscious Brie (Gabbi Garcia) taken hostage by Smokey (Wil Devaughn) while Vin (Gil Cuerva) and Lance (Derrick Monasterio) try to rescue her.

Netizens first noticed that Brie herself walked and took some steps while being unconscious and dragged along by Smokey.

The next shot showed Vin and Lance asking Smokey to free the hostage while aiming their guns at him. Smokey then began to fire shots at the two but they quickly hid in the tall plastic drums in front of them which surprisingly repelled the bullets.

The Facebook netizen captioned the shared video, “Anong brand kaya ng Plastic Drum ‘to?”

Beautiful Justice. Wil Devaughn is using the cellphone the wrong way.

Sometimes actors just get carried away with their acting which leads to some crucial details going unnoticed even by the director and the editor.

In episode 36 of GMA Network’s ‘Beautiful Justice,’ Lady M (Valeen Montenegro) ordered her goons to capture Sabrina “Brie” Cuevas (Gabbi Garcia) and put her with her money girls. While Smokey (Wil Devaughn) was talking to Lady M, some viewers noticed that he was using the cellphone incorrectly.

Wowowin. Herlene Budol accidentally fell on stage while hosting

Sexy Hipon Herlene Budol accidentally fell on stage while hosting GMA Network’s game show Wowowin. The incident happened shortly after her co-hosts Donita Nose, Elaine Timbol, and Almira Tang exchange banter and laughs on the show. When Willie Revillame joked about giving free fares to the audience, the four hosts then danced to the music and loud cheers from the crowd. Herlene made several hair spins with her head bent down. Losing her balance, the female host then eventually walked towards the cameraman and fell to the stage floor.

Kadenang Ginto. Kyle Echarri wearing his neck brace incorrectly.

Netizens commented that the Kadenang Ginto team lacked some medical research for a certain scene in the afternoon series.

A screenshot showed an emotional Kristoff “Tope” Tejada (Kyle Echarri) had his neck brace placed incorrectly.

It also seemed to fall off from his neck as shown in the screenshot photo. Netizens joked that this may have hurt his neck instead of healing it.

FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. Knife used to stab Cardo Dalisay several times showed no bloodstains

Cardo Dalisay’s (Coco Martin) so-called “immortal life” has been the subject of jokes since the first season of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano in 2015 and this epic fail scene might not be any different.

In an episode last July 2019, Cardo sought to hunt down Bungo (Baron Geisler), but was blindsided and was stabbed several times by his latest nemesis. Despite the intense scene,netizens became unconvinced when they noticed that Bungo’s knife which was used to stabbed Cardo was unstained with blood. The screenshot of this particular scene went viral online. As he coughed up blood and seemingly lay lifeless after his encounter with the criminal leader, netizens said that Cardo has no stab wounds visible.

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