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Netizens blast Sen. Bato Dela Rosa for questioning and ignoring plight of ABS-CBN workers

“11,000 talaga? Sigurado ka?”

Netizens were aghast at how misplaced Sen. Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa’s view was on the issue of ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal.

On Tuesday, Dela Rosa was asked for his comment on the current issue being faced by ABS-CBN. In response, Dela Rosa questioned if 11 thousand jobs were really going to be lost should the network fail to renew its franchise.

“11,000 talaga? Sigurado ka?” he said.

He then added that it doesn’t matter if there are 11 thousand people who will lose their job compared to the number of people being allegedly abused by ABS-CBN.

“Anyway, regardless kung ilan yun, what’s 11,000 compared to the whole Filipino nation na matagal ng sinamantalahan ng isang kumpanya kung talagang ma prove yan sa hearing na pinagsamantalahan ang sambayanang Pilipino. What’s 11,000 compared to the whole Filipino nation?” said Dela Rosa.

That comment from Sen. Bato elicited ire of netizens who blasted his insensitivity and wrong sense of the situation.

Film director Kip Oebanda said Bato doesn’t really seemed to care about lives since he didn’t care about the lives lost in his tokhang anti-drug drive.

“Of course Bato won’t care about the 11,000 employees of ABS-CBN. It’s the same guy who said ‘shit happens’ when asked about a 3-year-old getting killed in the drug war. It’s the same guy who led the bloody drug war. For him, people’s lives have no value.”

Rappler’s Paterno Esmaquel II meanwhile shared almost the same tweet as Oebanda.

“Ah, ano nga ba naman ang 11,000 tao na mawawalan ng trabaho, eh 30,000+ na nga ang patay sa tokhang? Ay sorry na-send.”

Netizen @mahor_nikko, on the other hand, reminded the Senator that aside from 11k employees of ABS-CBN there are other businesses and people that will be affected by a possible shutdown.

“Bato adds insult to injury with this remark. Bato, di lang 11k ang affected. Businesses w/ contracts w/ ABS-CBN are affected. The loyal viewing public, affected. Radio& internet followers, affected. It’s the whole country that’s affected one way or the other, stupid. Hello???!!”

Here are other comments from the netizens regarding Dela Rosa’s statements.





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