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Trolls target Karen Davila over Sal Panelo interview

Karen Davila gets mobbed by troll accounts saying she got burned by Panelo.

Karen Davila has been the subject of bashing on social media after her interview with Malacanang spokesman Salvador Panelo went viral.

In the interview, Davila asked Panelo about the issues surrounding the ABS-CBN franchise renewal and the executives’ role in its delay in Congressional hearing.

While Davila was professional enough not to debate with her interviewee even though it was obvious that she wanted to, trolls attacked her for allegedly being burned by Panelo.

Social media especially Twitter has been cluttered by faceless accounts attacking the ABS-CBN anchor.

However, one netizen noticed the pattern of the tweets which were indicative of troll farms directed to attack the Kapamilya broadcaster.

Former COMELEC Commissioner Goyo Larazabal also noticed the pattern of attacks on Karen Davila.

He also confirmed about troll banking where trolls will silently follow you but will start attacking as soon as there are directives/narratives that they want to push.

And while attack trolls are all over social media there where also who took Davila’s cudgel saying it was obvious for Panelo to deny everything since he was the mouthpiece of the President.

And sadly for trolls, Karen just gave them a cup of coffee.

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