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GMA Network’s ‘Love of My Life outranks ABS-CBN’s ‘A Soldier’s Heart’

‘NUTAM only gets their data from selected urban areas in the Philippines.

Based on the NUTAM Ratings, GMA Network’s Love of My Life outranked ABS-CBN’s A Soldier’s Heart since Monday, February 24, 2020.

Here’s a rundown of the TV scores obtained by both of the rival programs:

Monday (February 24) Love of My Life 7.0% VS A Soldier’s Heart 7.8%
Tuesday (February 25) Love of My Life 7.8% VS A Soldier’s Heart 7.7%
Wednesday (February 26) Love of My Life 7.7% VS A Soldier’s Heart 7.4%
Thursday (February 27) Love of My Life 6.9% VS A Soldier’s Heart 6.8%
Friday (February 28) Love of My Life 7.7% VS A Soldier’s Heart 6.0%

Yesterday’s episode has shown Stefano portrayed by Tom Rodriguez had his final moment with wife Adelle played by Carla Abellana.

In this scene, Stefano humbly requested Adelle to take care of Gideon, his son with Kelly portrayed by Rhian Ramos.


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