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LOOK: Angel Locsin taunts social media influencer Cat Arambulo

Angel Locsin threw shade at Cat Arambulo.

Actress Angel Locsin wasn’t able to keep herself from commenting on the trending case of Senator Koko Pimentel.

In a tweet Wednesday, March 25, Angel teased social media influencer Cat Arambulo with the news of Sen. Pimentel breaking his home quarantine protocol.

Pimentel was slammed by Makati Medical Center for breaching their quarantine protocol after he accompanied his wife to the hospital for her scheduled delivery. It turned out that Pimenetel was positive for COVID-19 and his presence at the hospital exposed patients and medical front liners to possible infection.

Angel tagged Arambulo in her retweet about Pimentel’s breach of quarantine protocol.

Arambulo made headlines after posting an Instagram video mocking and cursing ordinary people apprehended by police for violating the stay at home policy.

“God why don’t you motherf*ckers just stay at home,” said Arambulo in the video.

“This is exactly why they need the military coz u f*ckers won’t stay at home,” she added.

During that time the Luzon lockdown was already enforced to stop the spread of nCov virus. However, while many have the luxury and privilege to be quarantined at home, there are also a great number of people who still need to go out for their daily needs. They need to go to work even in lockdown in order to survive.

Arambulo earned the ire of netizens for the video, which eventually made her apologize for her insensitive remarks.

Meanwhile, netizens have praised Angel for her “golden” tweet.


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