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‘Love of My Life’ continuously rates higher than ‘A Soldier’s Heart’

NUTAM only gets their data from selected urban areas in the Philippines.

  • Love of My Life wins over its rival show A Soldier’s Heart.
  • Love of My Life ended the week with 1.2 points higher than its rival show.
  • The heartbreaking episode of ‘Love of My Life’ won over viewers

GMA Network aired its new primetime series “Love of My Life” on February 3 in the same timeslot as A Soldier’s Heart of ABS-CBN which first aired on January 20, 2020.

According to Nielsen PHILS. TAM (ARIANNA) NUTAM People ratings based on preliminary/overnight data, Love of My Life won over A Soldier’s Heart.

On March 2, Love of my Life registered a TV rating of 7.6% which was 0.6 points higher than its rival series on ABS CBN. On the following day, March 3, Love of My Life left its rival behind with a 1.4 point difference. Love of My Life got  8.2% and A Solider’s Heart, 6.6%.

On March 4, ratings dropped but still, Love of My Life won with 7.6% and its rival got 7.0%. On the last two days of the week, Love of My Life maintained its edge with 8.0% while A Soldier’s Heart got 6.8% in two days straight. Love of my Life ended the week with 1.2 points higher than its rival shows.

Love of My Life last week dealt with Stefano’s (Tom Rodriguez) death and how his wife Adelle (Carla Abellana) and mom Isabella (Coney Reyes) had to deal with the aftermath.

A Soldier’s Heart last week had Benjie (Yves Flores) trying to assist his intoxicated friend Philip (Jerome Ponce) who begins to fall apart when he inadvertently displayed his affection. Yasmin (Irma Adlawan) vows to avenge her son’s death by setting her sights on Minda (Mickey Ferriols).


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