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Netizens furious at Sen. Koko Pimentel’s recklessness for possibly spreading COVID-19

Netizens lashed out at Sen. Koko Pimentel’s selfishness and irresponsibility.

  • Sen. Koko Pimentel confirmed he is positive for COVID-19.
  • Makati Medical Center denounced Pimentel’s breach of protocol.

Senator Koko Pimentel has been receiving the rage of netizens after news of him going to the Makati Medical Center despite being COVID-19- positive has gone viral.

Pimentel on Wednesday, March 25, confirmed that he was positive for COVID-19.

He is the second senator to come out positive of the disease following Sen. Migz Zubiri.

“I was informed late last night March 24, 2020 that I have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. The swab was taken last Friday, March 20, 2020,” said Pimentel in a statement.

Meanwhile, in defense of breaking his quarantine period, Pimentel said he was on home quarantine for 10 days already. He still didn’t know that he was positive when he accompanied his wife to the hospital for her scheduled delivery.

It was when they were in the hospital that he received a call from the RITM (Research Institute for Tropical Medicine) informing him that his test came out positive. The senator insisted that he immediately left the hospital upon hearing the news and that he left his wife there alone.

But several posts on social media said that he entered the MMC delivery room with the wife exposing doctors and nurses there.

Then they suddenly canceled the delivery (via c-section) and that was the time that the senator left the hospital.

Even the Makati Medical Center through their official statement confirmed that Pimentel went to the delivery room and risked the health of their medical personnel and patients.

Celebrities and social media personalities have also blasted Pimentel’s utter recklessness which exposed so many people to danger.

Singer-actress Agot Isidro slammed Pimentel for endangering the lives of doctors, nurses, and other patients in the hospital for his recklessness.

Political columnist Gideon Lasco meanwhile urged the senator to apologize and resign because of the shame and disgrace he brought to the sente.

GMA Network resident political analyst Richard Heydarian said it’s not surprising given the Senator is an ally of the administration. The VIP treatment in the testing and now privilege in breaking the quarantine will go unnoticed again by the palace.

Other social media influencers like Gang Badoy, Teddy Casino, Tonyo Cruz, and Emil Maranon meanwhile shared the same sentiments that being bar top notcher (referring to PImentel) doesn’t make one immune from stupidity.

Here are other raging sentiments of the netizens against Sen. Koko Pimentel’s irresponsible and reckless actions.





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