SM Development Corp. unveiled its 2020 campaign ‘So Much More to Life’

Promotes sustainability at the core of modern Filipino urban living

SM Development Corp. (SMDC) unveiled its 2020 campaign, reflecting the new direction that the company is taking this year – redefining urban living by offering so much more amenities, choices and investment opportunities through its developments that bring together an integrated lifestyle, promotes sustainable living and encourages community engagement.

Called “So Much More to Life”, SMDC is taking innovative ways to meet the ever-evolving needs of the Filipino urban dweller. By allowing its residents to experience so much more to life – through well-appointed amenities for the entire family; a slew of dining, entertainment and retail shops within its developments; an integrated lifestyle district that allows more time for family and home, and opportunities to get rewarded for one’s hard work – SMDC residents and tenants can do more, live more and be so much more to their neighbors and communities.

SMDC pushes the boundaries of sustainable living by putting a premium on its residents’ well-being and nurturing its communities so residents can become responsible corporate citizens.

“With the ‘So Much More to Life’ campaign, we are going to take a step further to becoming the good guys the nation needs by committing ourselves to sustainable practices, embracing a practical lifestyle, and building a community that protects and cares for each other and our neighboring communities,” said SMDC President Jose Mari Banzon.

For SMDC, building excellent dwelling places is not enough. It continues to take care of its properties, residents and tenants well after turnover. It aims to be a catalyst towards building a movement of Good Guys.

Last year, SMDC’s community engagements were recognized by award-giving bodies, winning two Anvil Awards for its programs on the elderly and for crime awareness and emergency preparedness. Its Happynings: Building a Sphere of Happy, Thriving and Healthy Communities program received a merit award for customer service from the Philippine Quill Awards.

This year, SMDC will offer so much more with its The Good Guys campaign. Lined up are activities that include Happynings, where residents get to interact with each other through fun activities; a health and wellness program for grandparents; an interactive way to create safer spaces with Protect Our Community 2.0; a program for the youth called You Matter, where young professionals conduct talks about youth well-being and community involvement as part of their advocacy; a fitness roadshow for every family member and for all fitness levels; and, medical mission and bloodletting activities.

Fueled by the vision of SMDC chairman Henry Sy Jr., the company continues to prove that it is definitely “The Home of the Good Guys” by providing residents avenues where they can connect with other people; nurture their body, mind and soul; and feel safe and secure through various activities happening in all its developments


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