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Vance Larena trends after tweeting Vico Sotto: “Ikaw na lang kaya magpresidente”

The Pasig City Mayor has been in the news for his aggressive efforts to deal with the novel coronavirus epidemic.

Vance Larena’s name is currently making rounds on social media after he called out Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto saying, “Ikaw na lang kaya magpresidente.”


The Pasig City Mayor has been in the news for his aggressive efforts to deal with the novel coronavirus epidemic.

The said tweet was not a hate post but a call out to other public officials who are not doing their job, unlike Mayor Vico who has been actively coming up with measures to deal with the epidemic and the enhanced community quarantine.

Many netizens immediately understood the sarcasm in his post and even lauded the 25-year-old artist for his wittiness and bravery in speaking the truth.

“Vance isnt just a pretty face. May laman din sya. Tapos may alam pa sa current issues. Ano na? Eb di mas pumogi pa sya. Kbye.”

Some even did try to imitate his style and posted their own comments on Twitter.

One netizen sarcastically mocked the 30-year-old mayor for being “pabida” with his innovative plans, and suggested him to just sit as the country’s President.

The netizen wrote,Β  “Hay nako Mayor. Masyado kang pabida. Sa President’s seat ka na maupo! Hindi ko na nagugustuhan yung mga innovative plans mo! Masyado nang overwhelming!”

Another Twitter user also stressed that the neophyte mayor is getting so much attention that he is already embarrassing the country’s president.

He said: “Masyadong papansin tong mayor na to! Napapahiya tuloy yung presidente!”

Below are comments of other Twitter users:

“Masyadong ginalingan, di na nakahabol ung iba. [laughing with tears emoji]”

“Bakit ba kasi niya ginagalingan? Nakakainis na. Ang tagal niya maging Presidente.”

While some are already pushing for him to run for President (though he still does not meet the age requirement), some netizens would like to move to Pasig to experience the care and good governance exhibited by Mayor Vico.

Below are some of the netizens’ comments:

However, some netizens took Vance’s post negatively and bashed the actor for allegedly discrediting and vilifying Mayor Vico’s name.

Vance’s fans tried to explain that his post was meant to be sarcastic and that he was in no way bashing the Pasig mayor.

One netizen wrote: “Yung tweet ni Vance ay sarcastic remark not pertaining to Vico Sotto but to those trusted by the common people to a higher post who are just staying at their home conveniently doing nothing for their fellow men who are in need of assistance because of the Covid19…”

Another Twitter user also stated: “Gusto niya lang i-emphasize ung nagagawa ni Mayor Vico para tularan ng ibang mayor.”

Aside from Vance, other showbiz personalities also noticed Vico’s performance.


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