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Agot Isidro rants anew on DOH Sec. Duque’s rejection to having rapid testing for COVID-19 patients

Agot Isidro opposed anew the decision of DOH Secretary Dr. Francisco Duque III to reject the rapid testing of COVID-19.

  • Based on the slow results, she thought that the country hasn’t gotten to the real number of infected persons with COVID-19.
  • The total number of deaths and confirmed cases continue to rise.

The Filipina actress-singer Agot Isidro ranted over DOH Secretary Dr. Francisco Duque III’s rejection of having rapid testing for possible COVID-19 patients.

On her Twitter post, she mentioned that the Secretary is hard-headed due to the latter’s rejection of the use of rapid testing kits and chose to continue the utilization of Reverse Transcription-Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR)-based test.

There are different types of test kits for COVID-19 testing, one of which is the RT-PCR-based test and the other the Antibody-based test.

The RT-PCR test is what they called the gold standard kit that detects the virus based on its presence on genetic material or RNA and will give reliable results especially on the first day of infection. This is also the type of kit that the country is now using to confirm whether the patient is positive with COVID-19.

While Antibody-based test depends on the antibody of the person. If this test will be taken on the first day, the result can be false-negative. This test is for rapid testing.

Isidro is well aware of what the rapid testing might cause on its results.

However, with the slow results and limited testing kits, she thought that the country hasn’t gotten the real number of infected persons with COVID-19.

She also thought there is a probability that there are quite a number of citizens infected with the virus for days at this moment, thus she is in favor of the rapid testing.

On another post, she also ranted about the immediate response of the DOH to China while for fellow Filipino citizens are being delayed.

Now, there are 2084 confirmed COVID -19 cases with 88 deaths and 49 confirmed recoveries.


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