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Ethel Booba parody account clears issue on political benefactors

@IamCharotism cleared up Ethel Booba’s allegations of political benefactors.

The admin of the former @IamEthylGabison Twitter account which is now called @IamCharotism has addressed Ethel Booba’s accusations that he used the Twitter account to earn money from politicians.

In a tweet Monday, April 27, Charot! denied being paid by any politician as alleged by Ethel.

Charot! tweeted a screenshot of a conversation with the office of Sen. Grace Poe wherein Ethel was invited to the Senate hearing on fake news which they eventually rejected because of schedule issues.

Charot! said the message was sent sometime in March 2018.

The tweet came as his defense to Ethel’s allegations that he might have been using her name and the Twitter account to earn money.

In her YouTube video right after disowning the Twitter account and calling @IamEthylGabison a fake, Ethel insinuated that the parody account might have been earning money from politicians at the expense of her name.

“Sino bang nagamit dito, parang ako pa nga yung talagang nagamit dito baka meron syang mga hidden agenda na hindi ko alam. Tsaka kailangan ko nang ireport na, istop na at kailangan kong tuldukan na talaga kasi malapit na rin yung eleksyon eh 2020, 2 years na lang baka pagkakitaan pa nya to,” Ethel said in the video.

Meanwhile, netizens continued to rally behind Charot! saying it was such welcome revelation

The @IAmEthylGabison was responsible for the resurrection of Ethel’s career. The Twitter account made Ethel famous again so she booked many gigs because of it. The popularity of the Twitter account also gave birth to Ethel’s best-selling book Charotism.


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